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  • Sunday June 21, 2015

    Audio Back to Africa

    Dr. Eilish Cleery once lived in Sierra Leone. Now she returns to help stop the spread of Ebola. Sifiso Ntuli was a student when he escaped apartheid South Africa to find refuge in Canada. He returns to ask 'can my old home be my new home?'

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  • Sunday June 14, 2015

    Audio The wounded healer

    Father Lucien Larre has received much praise and many awards for his work with troubled and addicted adolescents. But he’s also faced many problems including accusations which put him in serious trouble with the law.

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  • Sunday June 07, 2015

    Audio Objects of meaning, objects of burden

    Stories about stuff! Things that once seemed vitally important but now you’re not sure what to do with. And things that have outlived their original purpose but find new life in a different form.

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  • Sunday May 31, 2015

    Audio Music moves me; or not

    Music moves a mother to search for her long-lost child. Three people are moved to make music their career even though they can't hear the sounds they’re making. PLUS ‘it moves me not’; one person's confession; music is just white noise.

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  • Sunday May 24, 2015

    Audio Crossing borders

    Saeed Jama’s deportation from Canada to Somalia involved a kidnapping, a ransom and a gun-toting gang. PLUS “Lost with a trace”; objects left behind by Mexicans trying to cross into America are memorialised in art.

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  • Sunday May 10, 2015

    Audio "Clickbait" the world of online news.

    Truncated stories. Endless lists. Is online news the death of serious journalism or its salvation? Ira Basen with “13 Fascinating Things You Probably Didn't Know, About Online News”

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  • Monday May 04, 2015

    Audio Places we have known

    Mary McCarthy lived in Cuba for over sixty years. Two men shaped her life; a rich husband who left her his fortune and Fidel Castro who confiscated it.

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  • Sunday April 19, 2015

    Audio Back to Buhari

    Can Nigeria’s new president “escape the old battles”? A 1985 documentary takes us to Nigeria when Buhari was last in power; journalists and historians, school children and teachers, taxi drivers, nurses, nuns and newly weds.

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  • Sunday April 12, 2015

    Audio Brothers and sisters

    Stories about the bonds between siblings. Grown siblings navigate their new-found religious differences. And a boy writes unanswered letters to his missing older brother.

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  • Sunday April 05, 2015

    Audio The kindness of strangers

    The kindness and compassion of strangers both online and off. A community activates to find a stem cell match. A man memorializes bittersweet comments on YouTube videos. Plus: When help isn't helpful.

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