Tuesday December 15, 2015

Wachtel On The Arts - Anish Kapoor

As one British art critic put it, "If anyone's going to create the eighth Wonder of the World, odds are it'll be Anish Kapoor." The sculptor is known for his iconic works of 'public' art in major world cities, although the works themselves are often introspective, speaking to the most private questions of the self, the unconscious, and the mystery of existence.

"I've always been fascinated by objects. We're all objects. 'Object space' and 'body space' are very close to each other."

The paradoxes of Kapoor include his being a sculptor who explores the idea of 'non-objectness', voids and absences. His retrospective at the Royal Academy of the Arts was the most visited sculpture exhibition in the city's history. At his studio in London, England, he speaks Eleanor Wachtel about his life, his artistic journey, and the ideas that have driven such admired works as MemoryCloud Gate, and Shooting into the Corner.

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