Monday July 13, 2015

The Wonder of the World: Frederick II, Part 1

Circa 1225, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II (1194 - 1250) of Germany.

Circa 1225, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II (1194 - 1250) of Germany. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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He was a monarch like no other: he was a poet, a lover of science, and in his court multicultural collaboration and innovation were a matter of policy. Muslim, Jewish and Christians courtiers formed what some historians have claimed was the first modern bureaucracy -- some have even called him the first European leader. Damiano Pietropaolo situates the life of Frederick II in his own day and highlights his achievements against the backdrop of an increasingly fragile and fractious Europe in our own day. Part 2 airs Monday, July 20.

** This episode first aired February 18, 2015.

Participants in the program:

Jacqueline Alio 

David Abulafia  

Karla Mallette 

Ortensio Zecchino  

Readings by Tony Nardi

Music featured in the program:

Tammuriddara - Assummata di lu corpu di la tunnara - Navaii (medieval sicilian music) 

Richiami (medieval sicilian music) 


Reading List:

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Books by Ernst Kantorowicz: 

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Books by Karla Mallette:

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Books by Ortensio Zecchino: 

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