Thursday September 22, 2016

Solutions For A Warming World


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Experts on climate change gather for the fourth Muskoka Summit on the Environment and discuss options to offset rising global temperatures caused by the continued use of carbon-based fuels. Can the optimism (and the activism) that was sparked in Paris convince governments around the world to do what's necessary to save the planet?


Eight years ago, when leaders from the G-8 were meeting just down the highway in Huntsville, prominent Canadian environmentalists convened to prepare a manifesto about the critical importance of fresh water. That meeting inspired subsequent biennial summits on 'biodiversity' and 'ecological economy'. In 2016, the topic was Solutions for a Warming World.

"I hold a vision of this blue green planet, safe and in balance. At the end of the Fossil Fuel Era, we are emerging to a new reality. We are ready to make the next leap - as momentous as abolishing slavery or giving women the vote."
- Elizabeth May



  • Nigel Roulet, Professor of Biogeosciences, McGill University
  • Stewart Elgie, Professor in Environmental Law and Economics at the University of Ottawa and Chair of Sustainable Prosperity
  • Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada
  • Andy Heintzman, CEO and co-founder of Investeco Capital Corp
  • David Miller, President & CEO, World Wildlife Fund Canada
  • Catherine Potvin, Professor, Department of Biology, McGill University

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