Friday November 11, 2016

Enemies and Angels: Opposing Soldiers Who Saved Each Other

Najah Aboud (left) and Zahed Haftlang (right). Photo: Greg Kelly/CBC

Najah Aboud (left) and Zahed Haftlang (right). Photo: Greg Kelly/CBC

When Najah Aboud got wounded during the Iran-Iraq war, he crawled into a bunker to die. It was there that the Iraqi soldier was found by Iranian medic, Zahed Haftlang. Zahed made a split-second decision: to save his enemy's life. So he risked his own -- twice -- to get Najah to a field hospital. Neither man knew that nearly twenty years later, and on the other side of the world, a breathtaking coincidence would reunite them in another life-saving encounter. **This episode originally aired on December 23, 2014.

This story first came to our attention in an article titled Blood Brothers published in Vancouver Magazine written by Vancouver journalist, Timothy Taylor.

For more on the story of Zahed and Najah, including videos and photos, go to the Maclean`s article His Brother's Keeper

**This episode was produced by Greg Kelly


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'My Brother, My Enemy' - Trailer from Fathom Film Group - Ann Shin on Vimeo.

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