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    Posted: Jun 29, 2015 10:31 AM ET
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2014 Season

  • Holiday Special (2014)

    Thursday December 25, 2014

    Audio Holiday Special (2014)

    This special holiday-timed (but not holiday-themed) edition of Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids features some of our favourite readings from our 10-part summer series.

    Listen 54:29
  • Montreal (Episode 10)

    Tuesday September 16, 2014

    Audio Montreal (Episode 10)

    Reluctantly written thank you notes, a catalog of neighborhood ghosts, and a time capsule letter from 1960. Recorded live at Le Cagibi in Montreal, QC.

    Listen 27:29
  • Ottawa (Episode 9)

    Monday September 15, 2014

    Audio Ottawa (Episode 9)

    A Star Trek parody, some unconventional wedding plans, and a terrifying story about killer bees. Recorded live at Pressed in Ottawa, ON.

    Listen 27:29
  • Toronto (Episode 8)

    Sunday September 14, 2014

    Audio Toronto (Episode 8)

    Boyfriend checklists, self-righteous rants about the education system, and one fine Italian leather trench coat. Recorded live at The Garrison in Toronto, ON.

    Listen 27:29
  • Halifax (Episode 5)

    Thursday September 11, 2014

    Audio Halifax (Episode 5)

    Science fairs, snobby cousins, and training bras. Recorded live at The Company House in Halifax, NS.

    Listen 27:29
  • Regina (Episode 4)

    Wednesday September 10, 2014

    Audio Regina (Episode 4)

    Poems about fruit, stories about world domination, and a 4H speech about bunnies. Recorded live at The Artful Dodger in Regina, SK.

    Listen 27:29
  • St. John's (Episode 3)

    Tuesday September 09, 2014

    Audio St. John's (Episode 3)

    Sibling rivalry, backhanded compliments, and werewolves. Recorded live at The Rocket Room in St. John's, Newfoundland.

    Listen 27:29