Tuesday March 21, 2017

Tantric sex class: What could possibly go wrong?

Pip is 21 years old — and he’s about to take his first tantric sex class.

Pip is 21 years old — and he’s about to take his first tantric sex class. (CBC)

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When he signed up for a tantric sex workshop, 21-year-old Pip Leason expected to pick up some tips to try out with his girlfriend.

Instead, he found himself in a room full of people more than twice his age, who all seemed surprisingly fine with the idea of giving a random stranger a sensual massage.

As for Pip? He was way out of his comfort zone. And he found himself questioning whether he's really ready to expand his repertoire in the bedroom.

This piece was originally produced for All the Best on FBi Radio, Sydney, with supervising production from Selena Shannon. It was the first installment in Pip's series It Wasn't My Idea, chronicling his monthly self-improvement challenges. (Click on the title of each installment in the series to get through to the audio.) 

This documentary aired as part of the March 21 broadcast. Listen to the full show →



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Pip Leason

Pip Leason

Pip Leason is an up-and-coming Australian radio producer and writer. While studying undergraduate media, he had short documentaries aired on ABC Radio National, FBi Radio and 2SER in Sydney. Now that he's graduated, he's embarked on a long-term radio project of obscure personal challenges called "It Wasn't My Idea."

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