We're thrilled to have you pitch your documentary idea to us! Applications will be accepted in the form of an e-mail with 2 attached documents (in .pdf, .doc or .docx format).

A) The first document will consist of:

i) Introduction (1/2 page maximum)

  • Briefly outline your experience in audio storytelling/production (with links to your work, if possible) to explain why you consider yourself eligible for this advanced opportunity. Please include your experience with audio editing software and recording equipment.

ii) Statement of intent (1/2 page maximum)

Please answer the following questions: 

  • What you hope to get out of this experience?
  • How will this experience help you grow and develop as an audio producer?
  • How will you share what you learn?
  • How you will use this opportunity to continue to contribute to the CBC?

Remember: this is a professional development initiative, so page #1 (introduction, statement of intent) is considered carefully by the committee. We're not only investing in your story, we're investing in you.

iii) The pitch (1 page maximum)

Include a focus statement for your story and answer the following questions:

  • Who is your proposed mentor? Have you discussed this pitch with them?
  • On which CBC Radio show do you envision your doc airing?
  • How do you plan to tell the story? 
  • What voices do you plan to include? Please include names of specific characters/sources. If your doc is reliant on one or more "main characters," ensure that they are on board and let us know this.
  • What dates do you propose your mentorship take place, and why? What's your timeline? If you're a CBC employee, we'll need to know how many days/weeks you think the project will take, and when it would make the most sense to do it. If you're a freelancer, we just need a basic timeline, as you will be compensated for the length of the final item, not how long the work takes.
  • Does your mentorship involve travel? If so, please outline.*
  • Briefly detail your plans to work with the digital team. How can you further develop or present your story online?

Where do you plan to travel, and why? Please outline travel plans and associated costs. The travel budget for docs maxes out at about $750 Cdn. Reasonable expenses might include: travel fare (domestic flights, train tickets, car rentals), translation or voice over services, fixer fees, etc. Budgets should not include equipment. The Doc Project will not cover the cost of international travel.

B)  The second document is your CV (2 pages maximum).

If you are a CBC employee, you'll also need your supervisor to sign off on your application, so now's the time to send it to them. We require a brief e-mail from your supervisor stating their approval in order for your application to be eligible. Please include this e-mail in your pitch, or have them e-mail us directly at docproject@cbc.ca.



All ready? Let's move on!
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