Are you a CBC employee or experienced audio freelancer?

The Doc Project Mentorship Program is building the next generation of audio storytellers at the CBC. The program is open to CBC employees with experience in audio or Canadian freelance audio producers. 

If you're an international or Canadian freelancer who does not meet this criteria, you're welcome to pitch The Doc Project radio show outside of our Mentorship Program. Send us your original commission or acquisition pitch at

Do you already have some audio production skills under your belt?

The Doc Project Mentorship Program is for audio producers who have demonstrated experience in audio production, and are looking to develop their pre-existing skill-sets. This isn't the place to learn audio production 101. 

How to find a great story and create a focus statement:

Do you have an idea for an amazing doc?

Great documentaries have action, scenes, characters and movement: someone interesting doing something unique for a compelling reason.

We're looking for artful, quirky, sound-rich, experimental and unique stories and treatments that push boundaries and take risks. If you're not genuinely excited and intrigued by your story, chances are that no one else will be, either.



Still with us? OK!
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