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All was well: how the magic of Harry Potter influenced a generation

For kids around the globe, Harry Potter was the ultimate fantasy — and for some fans, the connection was much deeper. It was intensely formative, impacted how they viewed the world, and continues to live on in many grown-up devotees today.
Evan Hoyle is a devoted Harry Potter fan. (Liam Maloney/CBC)
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Have you ever been lost in a book? Slipped between the covers of a story and into another world?

It can feel like magic.

But some books reverse that pull; they reach into our world and shift our lives in spellbinding ways. The adventures of J.K Rowling's Harry Potter left a permanent mark on many of us.

For kids around the globe it was the ultimate fantasy and for some fans, that connection was much deeper. Harry Potter was intensely formative, impacting the way they grew up and how they viewed the world. Today, we look at how Harry Potter influenced an entire generation ... and hear how The Boy Who Lived, lives on in many grown-up devotees. 

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