Saturday December 26, 2015

Where did your shopping trip take you?

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Today's episode is an abridged version of what originally aired on December 13, 2014.

'Tis the season... when hundreds of thousands of Canadians find themselves at the mall!

So on this week's DNTO we offer a little retail therapy - and look at the moments that shopping is anything but simple. 
Whether it's the billionaire who found himself haggling with a street vendor, or the teenagers who had jobs in retail that presented them with challenging situations... what did you really get out of your shopping trip?

On this week's show: 

When Liz Krieger was growing up, the shopping network QVC was a comforting presence in her home. She'll explain how she came to rely on the shopping channel for much more than product pitches.

DNTO producer Acey Rowe had a goal: to not buy any clothes for the entirety of the long, cold, Winnipeg winter. That's only 8 months - should be easy, right? Not so much. So Acey enlisted the help of Marketing professor Scott Rick and Consumer Psychologist Kit Yarrow to help her figure out what's so hard about calling it quits on shopping.

Every time Winnipegger JD Renaud hears a certain Paul McCartney Christmas song, he has a flashback to his first job. As a writer and comedian, he's drawn from that flashback for his Fringe show called ' Damn Your Eyes' in which he elaborates on everything he's ever hated, including working in retail.

Have you ever arrived at the checkout and realized you didn't have enough money to pay your bill? At sixteen years old, that's precisely what happened to Ami Klinger and her Mom, Rochelle - and it changed their lives forever.

Have you ever gone shopping, only to come home and find that you've bought things you already own? Producer Rosie Fernandez can relate! With a little help from stylist Suzanne Colmer, she gets to the bottom of her addiction to white shirts. 

As a teenager, Jeremy Allingham had a part-time job in retail he didn't really like. So he'd try to hide in quiet corners of the store, until a customer asked him for help in a most embarrassing way.

David Asper recalls a memorable negotiation between his billionaire dad and a street vendor, while they were shopping on a street in India.

This week's playlist: 
The Weakerthans - Everything Must Go
Mise en Scene -  When I Met You
Barenaked Ladies - Shopping
Nat King Cole - Don't Let Your Eyes (Go Shopping For Your Heart)
Sarah Harmer - Uniform Grey
Keri Latimer - Liquidation Sale

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