Thursday June 11, 2015

He can't see the fish, but he loves fishing

Lawrence Gunther with huge carp

Lawrence Gunther with huge carp

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Lawrence Gunther is the host of Feel the Bite TV and the Blue Fish Radio show. He's also Canada's only professional angler who is blind.
Even though he lost his sight by age 8, Lawrence has worked as a commercial Cod fisher on the East coast, invented the world's first fishing boat for the blind, and is one of Canada's top sponsored professional anglers.

Lawrence Gunther and friends

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He's competed in over 100 tournaments. 
He's also the founder of "Blue fish Canada", a charity dedicated to the future of fish and fishing. You can find out more about him at

All that said, why was a young boy, losing his sight, so drawn to fishing? Find out why, and how he can tell what kind of fish he's caught on DNTO's show all about the fish. But, here's a hint, if you're out on a river or lake during a Canadian summer, and you're fishing, you're going to witness some incredible sounds and scents if you close your eyes.