Wednesday March 26, 2014

Taking it off: what did you expose by stripping?

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Maggie Estey

We've all had that dream. You know the one: when you're heading out in to the world, only to look down and realize that you're not wearing any clothes. Scary, huh? But why do we have such an intense reaction to taking off our outfits? 

This week, DNTO features stories of people who have removed an item of clothing for all sorts of reasons: from a woman who has a deeply complicated relationship with her hijab, to the man behind "strip spelling bees."

So when did you take it off? And what did you expose by doing so?
On this week's show:

ron and willow sm.jpg
When Ron Yamauchi first started dating his future wife, Willow, he knew her parents had been easygoing hippies in the 1970s. But he had no idea what that would mean for his first meeting with them... 

(Pictured: Ron and Willow on the fateful night their story takes place). 

densie jolly sm.jpg
Suddenly finding yourself naked in a public place is the stuff nightmares are made of. So why would anyone want to willingly do this? Denise Jolly is the creator of Be Beautiful - a project that had her stripping down in a different public place for 30 days and documenting it through photos. 

Rose Yearbook sm.jpg
When Rose Simpson found herself stranded outside a St. Catharines, ON roller rink in 1973, the 15 year old decided to walk. The only problem? She only had a vague notion of where she was headed. And came face to face with a snow fence she would have to cross. An epic battle of blue satin hot pants versus barbed wire ensued. (Pictured: Rose's yearbook photo) 

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

One of the more artistic ways to drop your drawers is to pose for a sketch class. You're naked, but you're doing an important job. Maggie Estey figured she could use the money and the experience, and soon she was an old hand at taking off her clothes for budding young Van Goghs. That is, until the morning she got up late, forgot to eat breakfast and had to rush to studio.

Sook-Yin Lee hits the streets with her handy-dandy recorder to find your best "I'm naked!" stories. 

Alex Freedman.JPG
CBC journalist Alex Freedman shares a rather unusual family tradition, and tells us why he thinks that the family that "moons" together, stays together.  

Victoria Fedden sm.jpg
All that Victoria Fedden ever wanted was to be a housewife. So when her fiancée dumped her because she was boring, she found herself alone, homeless and in desperate need of a lifestyle makeover. That's when the former kindergarten teacher's aid found work at South Florida's "klassiest gentleman's club". Check out Victoria's book Amateur Night at the Bubblegum Kittikat here. 

Sherwin sm.jpg
Sherwin Tija is the mastermind behind a winning combo: stripping and spelling! Balanced between nerdy and voyeuristic, Sherwin's strip spelling bees are an opportunity for anybody to get down to their skivvies - all on stage in front of a crowd of onlookers. To find the next strip spelling bee - head here.

Vickie Papavs sm.jpg
As a young actor, Vickie Papavs got a great opportunity to take on a good role in a stage play. The only hitch was the extended nude scene, which would have her naked in front of an audience for 10 or 15 minutes every night. Vickie made it through the rehearsals, and through the opening night jitters, and gradually became more comfortable with baring it all on stage. But then she started noticing something about the audience...

patricia pearson sm.jpg
When writer Patricia Pearson was asked to by her editor at Best Health Magazine to report on a nudist colony in Markham Ontario, she immediately said no. Then she reconsidered and wondered what it would be like to visit a world she considered upside-down. 

Shaila sm.jpg
Sometimes removing a single piece of cloth can have have a huge impact on the way everybody sees you... and how you see yourself. Shaila Kibria-Carter has been wearing a hijab on-and-off for the past two decades - and every time she puts it on or takes it off, the world has something to say about it.

MA 200.jpgWhat happens when a group of high school graduates heads to a local pool to celebrate their new-found freedom? In Mary Agnes Welch's case, it involved a pile of Doc Martens, dripping wet teenagers and some very amused police officers.

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