Following the exciting news of Shad being appointed the new host of Q, we decided to go digging through our archives to find Shad's first appearance on DNTO

It was back in November of 2006 and the then up and coming MC dropped into our small studio in London, Ontario to talk about a specific song on his first album. Sook-Yin asked him about "I'll Never Understand," which was a collaboration with his mom, Bernadette Kabango

"I heard my mom perform this poem at a genocide memorial - my family's from Rwanda originally," Shad explained. "There was a 10 year genocide memorial, she performed a poem kind of about her experiences, her losses and her journey to freedom and forgiveness and I thought it was just amazing. I wanted to find a way to share that with more people, with my audience."

Sook-Yin listened to the song for the first time with Shad in-studio. Take a listen to "I'll Never Understand" above and then hear how she responded.