Sook-Yin fixes a broken texting relationship :)

Studies have shown that ending a message with a period can make you seem like a jerk. Watch as Sook-Yin Lee mends an awkward texting relationship between roommates.
When you reach or your phone these days, admit it: you're probably checking for a text. But what happens when your messages are more : / than : ) ? 3:03

Roommates Kate and Jess have a problem when it comes to communicating over the phone. Jess's texts tend to be abrupt and to the point which makes Kate wonder if she's mad at her.

Sound familiar? It can be difficult to convey emotion in a text message. In fact, studies have shown that ending a text with a period can make you seem like a jerk

For the sake of their friendship, Sook-Yin convinced Kate to call Jess up so they can get to the root of this awkward dynamic... and turn :/ into :D.