DNTO says goodbye

Sook-Yin Lee: "with mixed feelings I have to tell you, DNTO is ending."
Sook-Yin Lee (CBC/S. Lee)
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It's with mixed feelings I have to tell you, DNTO is ending.

After a long and incredible stretch on CBC Radio, it will pass—because radio, like everything, is ephemeral. I'm struggling to express the unresolvable feelings that go with having to say goodbye to my longest working relationship and to the peers I have worked with through thick and thin.

I joined DNTO over a decade ago when it was a pop culture magazine show. Over the years, it's faced the chopping block many times and has weathered a tide of changes. Yet somehow it survived and thrived by re-imagining itself from the original anti-opera upstarts, to the personal storytelling study it is today.

Teammates and contributors have come and gone and we've experienced so many excellent adventures. I'm honoured and grateful to have worked with some of the best radio makers in the world.

Part of me is sad and uncertain of what the future holds, but I'm sitting with that insecurity and trying to make peace with it.

Mostly, I feel proud of what we've done and am indebted to my team, our listeners, guests, and all the strangers I've met on street corners, who opened the deepest parts of their lives and shared them with us. That profound generosity is what humbles me. It is what I am grateful for. 

And don't worry; we're not getting escorted out the building with a box full of office supplies. The team remains together in Winnipeg, developing a new show with a new host, while I begin working on a project for CBC myself.

We're looking forward to dreaming up more radio experiences for you. 

I remain yours in public service,
Sook-Yin Lee

To mark the end of of DNTO, Sook-Yin Lee and the DNTO team gathered special guests and fans of the show for a look back at our 22 years on CBC Radio. Listen to the intimate event here

After the show, she marked the end of the show in the most awesome way possible—climbing aboard a giant piece of heavy machinery: