Monday March 30, 2015

Christa Couture: finding new life with a new leg

Christa Couture, on stage at Vancouver's York Theatre.

Christa Couture, on stage at Vancouver's York Theatre. (Wendy D)

At thirteen years old, singer-songwriter Christa Couture lost her left leg to bone cancer. After months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, an above-the-knee amputation was only cure; she was lucky to have it. 

But life with a prosthetic leg was far from easy. All of the things non-amputees take for granted - walking up and down stairs, finding balance, even dancing - took strength and perseverance, something Christa has in spades.

In this moving story, Christa recounts a particularly awkward junior high dance... one that was so traumatizing that it kept her off of the dance floor for decades. 

Find out how a brand new microprocessor knee - and a prosthetic covered in an amazing floral fabric - changed everything.

Christa Couture's

Christa and her 'fancy' leg, backstage at DNTO Live in Vancouver. (CBC)

Click the link above to hear Christa's inspirational story, as well as her performance of 'I Don't Play Piano', live from the York Theatre on March 25th, 2015