About the Show

Sook-Yin Lee

Hi, I'm Sook-Yin Lee. Thanks for dropping by the Definitely Not the Opera (DNTO) website.

One thing is for sure, I love telling stories and I love hearing a good story. It started when I was a kid in the suburbs. To pass the time, I dreamt up elaborate make believe worlds. Some were fantastical, involving all sorts of ethereal elements, while others were merely fabricated day-to-day imaginary realities. I enjoy putting on a big show, and sometimes I'd force everyone to watch my musical gymnastic performances on the jungle gym in the backyard.

My parents were strict, but they tolerated this behavior because, in my family, stories were traded like currency. My older sister had an uncanny knack for telling a story off the top of her head. I'd bug her from the bottom bunk bed at night and, in a heartbeat, she'd wind exciting adventures of Chocolate Land.

My Dad is an awesome storyteller too. He has the most harrowing and beautiful stories of how he survived as an orphan kid on the streets of Hong Kong during World War II. And my Mom, well, she's...dramatic! The love of storytelling has been passed down through my family.

For me, it's how I try to make sense of an overwhelming and incredible world. It comes in all sorts of forms. I write and direct movies, I make music, I'm an actor, and a TV and radio broadcaster. DNTO is the best place for a weirdo storyteller like me. I'm based in Toronto, but the team holds down the fort in Winnipeg. They're an awesome group of people, who have many of their own stories to share.