Becky Toyne

Becky Toyne

Becky Toyne is a freelance books columnist, editor and literary event publicist. She is the “Should I Read It?” columnist for Day 6 on CBC Radio One, and a regular host and interviewer at literary events including the International Festival of Authors and Toronto Literary Salon. Find her online at

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  • A legacy of Spies AFP_S72IA

    Friday September 08, 2017

    Should I Read It? George Smiley returns in John le Carré's 'A Legacy of Spies'

    John le Carré is a master of Cold War spy thrillers like 'The Spy Who Came In From The Cold' and 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.' He's 85 now and he's just published his 24th novel, 'A Legacy of Spies.' But should you read it?

    Posted: Sep 08, 2017 7:00 PM ET
    Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017 5:05 PM ET
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  • day 6 giveaway

    Friday June 16, 2017

    Should I Read It: The ultimate summer reading giveaway

    Every summer cottage getaway brings up the same dilemma: what books to pack in your beach bag? Becky Toyne walks us through her five hand-picked selections.

    Posted: Jun 16, 2017 10:39 AM ET
    Last Updated: Jun 16, 2017 6:33 PM ET
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  • Paula Hawkins Into The Water

    Friday May 12, 2017

    Paula Hawkins' Into The Water: Should you read it?

    Her first book, The Girl on The Train, was a bestseller and a Hollywood blockbuster. Now Hawkins' follow-up, Into The Water, is a buzz book for 2017. Should you believe the hype?

    Posted: May 12, 2017 6:31 PM ET
    Last Updated: May 19, 2017 8:28 PM ET
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  • Paul Auster 4321

    Friday February 03, 2017

    Should I Read It? Becky Toyne reviews Paul Auster's 4321

    Paul Auster is back with his first novel in seven years, the 860-page 4321. It's an epic, ambitious take on four versions of the central character's life. But should you read it? Day 6 books columnist Becky Toyne has the answer.

    Posted: Feb 03, 2017 5:37 PM ET
    Last Updated: Feb 03, 2017 7:55 PM ET
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  • 88395768

    Friday December 09, 2016

    Should I Read it? The holiday gift guide edition

    Day 6 books columnist Becky Toyne delivers her five hand-picked holiday gift selections for book lovers of all kinds.

    Posted: Dec 09, 2016 12:14 PM ET
    Last Updated: Dec 12, 2016 10:25 AM ET
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  • Summer Books

    Friday June 19, 2015

    The Ultimate Summer Reading List Giveaway

    Our books columnist Becky Toyne returns for our popular annual feature: The Ultimate Summer Reading List. We also give away two prize packs to listeners who engage in our online conversation. Our summer reading question this year: "What book should be on the shelf in every summer cottage?"

    Posted: Jun 19, 2015 9:47 AM ET
    Last Updated: Jun 19, 2015 5:52 PM ET
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Aaron Hagey-Mackay

Aaron Hagey-Mackay

Aaron Hagey-MacKay has been performing sketch comedy for over 10 years with his troupe, Jape. They won the Producer's Pick Award in 2008 at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, and won the Best of the Fest Award at the Montreal Sketchfest in 2013. He's currently a Producer of the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival and a writer for

Aaron Hagey-MacKay

  • Starbucks red cup gate

    Friday November 13, 2015

    Starbucks satire

    Starbucks' latest bare-bones holiday cup design has raised controversy over whether the company is anti-Christmas. Comedian Aaron Hagey-MacKay brings us an ad from their new marketing campaign.

    Posted: Nov 13, 2015 2:20 PM ET
    Last Updated: Nov 20, 2015 11:24 AM ET
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  • lotto crop

    Thursday March 27, 2014

    Satire: A Lottery for Millennials

    Canada's lottery agencies are coming together to brainstorm a new national lottery that appeals to young adults, who aren't buying lotto tickets as frequently as their parents. Day 6 contributors Aaron Hagey-MacKay and Simon Pond imagine what a national lottery for Generation Y might be like....

    Posted: Mar 27, 2014 12:00 AM ET read comments
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  • fridge

    Thursday January 16, 2014

    Satire: Text messages from a jealous fridge

    This week Google spent $3.2 billion on Nest, a company known for its high-tech thermostats. Day 6 contributors Aaron Hagey-Mackay and Courtney Walker bring us a romantically complicated look at the future of smart appliances.

    Posted: Jan 16, 2014 12:00 AM ET
    Last Updated: Feb 11, 2015 4:49 PM ET
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