Friday December 29, 2017

Episode 370: Automate This! The future of work in an artificially intelligent world

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Welcome back to "Automate This!", our series on the future of work in an artificially intelligent world. 

From Hollywood to the surgical suite, machine learning technology is poised to disrupt sectors that seemed safe from automation just a few years ago.

By some estimates, machines are already capable of carrying out nearly half the tasks Canadians currently do at their jobs.

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You'll hear from Krista Jones, who says algorithms and big data saved her life...


Krista Jones on how software saved her from a double mastectomy1:33


Philippe Pasquier, whose A.I. programs compose melodies that sound just like Chopin...


Day 6 - Chopin vs. computer0:46


Rita Jew, a pharmacy director who uses robots to dispense pills and mix I.V. medications... 


Pill Picking Machine at UCSF Medical Center0:23


...and many others, including machine learning researcher Michael Osborne, Vanity Fair senior correspondent Nick Bilton, and Dr. Yuval Harari, acclaimed author of Homo Deus.



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