The Edinburgh Fringe festival's top 5 one-liners

The Edinburgh Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world. As performers take to the stages and streets of the Scottish capital, one-liners abound as comedians battle it out for the prestige of landing the festival's funniest joke.
The Edinburgh Fringe, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary, runs through to Aug. 28 this year. (Edinburgh Fringe)

The Edinburgh Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world, wraps up on Monday. It runs for nearly a month and includes a bit of everything, from theatre and cabaret to spoken word and even circus performers.

The renowned festival is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. It first began in 1947, when eight theatre groups turned up to perform at the Edinburgh International Festival — even though they weren't invited.

The groups decided to perform anyway, on the "fringe" of the main festival, with other acts following in their footsteps until 1958, when the Festival Fringe Society was formed to create a separate event for such performers.

Theatrical, comedic and musical performers are chosen from around the globe for a spot in Edinburgh's renowned Fringe festival. (Edinburgh Fringe)

Today, the Fringe Society still aims to include any artist with a great story to tell and a venue willing to host them. As such, the Edinburgh Fringe remains one of the world's few truly open-access festivals, in the spirit of the original eight groups, no one is denied entry, making it one of the largest global platforms for creative freedom.

Every August, thousands of performers descend on the Scottish capital for the annual three-week festival — as do fans from all around the world eager to catch unique theatre and musical acts right across the city, including street performers and free open-air concerts.

Fans from all over the world descend on the Scottish capital of Edinburgh each year for the city's famed Fringe festival. (Edinburgh Fringe)

The Fringe also features lots of laughs — every year, comedians converge on Edinburgh to battle it out to see who can come up with the festival's best joke.

This year, top honours went to comic Ken Cheng, whose one-man show Chinese Comedian is at this year's Fringe. Cheng has quite the backstory: after dropping out of Cambridge University, he became a professional poker player before turning his attention to the stand-up comedy scene. He's since reached the finals at the 2015 BBC New Comedy Awards and performed at festivals around Europe.

Check out his first-rate one-liner below — as well as the rest of the best jokes from this year's Edinburgh Fringe.


The top 5 funniest jokes from the Fringe

1. "I'm not a fan of the new pound coin — but then again, I hate all change." – Ken Cheng

2. "Trump's nothing like Hitler. There's no way he could write a book." – Frankie Boyle

3. "I've given up asking rhetorical questions. What's the point?" – Alexei Sayle

4. "I'm looking for the 'girl next door' type. I'm just gonna keep moving house till I find her." – Lew Fitz

5. "I like to imagine the guy who invented the umbrella was going to call it the 'brella.' But he hesitated." – Andy Field