Episode 398: Trump meets Putin, Greyhound's western exit, Alan Alda, Esther the Wonder Pig and more

Jonathan Chait asks if President Trump is a Russian asset, creative solutions to Greyhound's western exodus, Alan Alda launches a podcast, Ethiopia and Eritrea reconcile, 'Happily Ever Esther,' swearing is good for you and more.

'A plausible theory of mind-boggling collusion': Jonathan Chait tests the case for Trump as Russian asset

Writer Jonathan Chait says the Trump-Putin summit could be "a meeting between a Russian-intelligence asset and his handler."

Time for a Canada Post Bus? How creative transit could better serve the communities Greyhound is leaving

Greyhound's decision to exit western Canada has left many rural Canadians feeling stranded. But UBC's David Snadden says this is a chance to improve local transportation and that Europe's Postbus system could provide inspiration.

Alan Alda at 82: Done with cartwheels, on to podcasting

In his new podcast "Clear and Vivid," Alan Alda tries to help people learn to listen better, communicate better and maybe make people a little happier.

How a diplomatic flight from Ethiopia to Eritrea became a surprise reunion between a mother and son

When flight crew member Henok Berhane left Addis Ababa on a VIP flight, he thought they were heading to Sudan. They were actually en route to Eritrea, where Henok's mother lives, separated from him for the past 20 years.

How Esther The Wonder Pig and her legion of fans crowdfunded a life-saving CT scanner for large animals

In 2012, Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter adopted what they thought was a micro pig. Esther turned out to be 300 kilograms and has taken the world by storm. They share their story in their second book, Happily Ever Esther.

'Swearing is Good for You': The evolutionary advantages of f-bombs

In her recent book, computational neuroscientist Emma Byrne says there are scientific rationales for swearing. Also, it's kinda fun.

Riffed from the Headlines 07/14/2018

Riffed from the Headlines is our weekly quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag.

Episode 397: Journalism and black communities, Scott Thompson, video game clones, Iceland's DNA and more

Reporting on black communities in times of crisis and calm, Scott Thompson's first-ever stand-up comedy album, Donut County vs. knock-off video games, Iceland's DNA testing debate, Walking Eagle's satirical news and more.

After fatal Toronto shootings, is it time for journalists to rethink how they cover communities of colour?

After a weekend of violence in Toronto, journalists who reached out to victims' friends received rejections that suggest a deep distrust of the media among the city's black communities.

How surviving cancer helped former Kid in The Hall Scott Thompson confront his fear of standup

Former Kids In The Hall cast member Scott Thompson was always "terrified" of doing standup. Now, after years of cancer treatment, he is no longer afraid.

Maker of Donut County is shocked when a free knock-off beats his game to the market

Indie developer Ben Esposito spent years crafting his video game Donut County, but before it was even published an eerily similar game appeared at the top of app store charts.

Iceland's ethical debate: Should DNA donors be told if they are predisposed to a deadly disease?

Nearly half of Iceland's population have donated their DNA for research, but should donors be made aware if they're genetically predisposed to diseases like cancer or Alzheimer's?

Meet Walking Eagle, the finest source of satirical Indigenous news

The Beaverton has some new competition: 'Walking Eagle,' an online Indigenous satire site. The site's founder and writer says it's way more fun than writing real news.

Riffed from the Headlines 07/07/2018

Riffed from the Headlines is our weekly quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag.

Episode 396: Hannah Gadsby's Nanette, Douglas Coupland, Buzzfeed's Guide to Language, Tomson Highway & more

Archiving Vancouver's LGBTQ history, Hannah Gadsby redefines the stand-up special, Douglas Coupland embraces 3D printing, language in the Buzzfeed age, Tomson Highway and more.

'If we are making history then who is documenting this?' Archiving Vancouver's LGBTQ history

The collection now has more than 750,000 items, including posters, buttons and handouts detailing everything from the early days of the AIDS crisis to wet t-shirt competitions in gay bars.

'I wish it were a joke': Hannah Gadsby's new Netflix special is breaking comedy boundaries

Hannah Gadsby's comedy special 'Nanette' challenges what we laugh at and why.

The selfie killer: Douglas Coupland says 3D printing will transform the art world

For "The National Portrait," Douglas Coupland created 3D-printed busts of hundreds of random Canadians.

Languaging IRL: Buzzfeed's guide to grammar in the internet age

Buzzfeed's Global Copy Chief, Emmy J. Favilla, turned the company's style guide into a new book: 'A World Without Whom'. #LOLSob

No one is stopping Tomson Highway from having a happy Canada Day

Many prominent Indigenous people are declining to celebrate Canada 150, but not Tomson Highway. The Cree writer and musician is a trailblazer, a champion of native languages, a proud Canadian — and the most relentlessly positive person imaginable.

Riffed from the Headlines 06/30/2018

Riffed from the Headlines is our weekly quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag.

Episode 395: Legal pot, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, refugee children, animal parts on Facebook, summer reads and more

How the hope of profits pushed Canada to legal pot, how Beyoncé and Jay-Z kept their video shoot secret, comforting refugee children separated from their parents, asylum seekers and the Mexican election, the illegal wildlife trade on Facebook, summer reads and more.

'Money drove the policy': How dreams of dividends got Canada to legal pot

Veteran civil liberties lawyer Alan Young has fought for decades to change Canada's marijuana laws. He's not convinced we've got it right yet.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z visited the Louvre to shoot a video and somehow kept it a secret

How did Beyoncé and Jay-Z, two of the most famous people on Earth, keep the filming of their music video at the Louvre a secret?