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    Wednesday May 13, 2015

    Inside the big business of people smuggling

    Thousands of migrants were stranded off the coast of southern Thailand this week, as European countries looked for solutions to crack down on human smugglers. Journalist Giampaolo Musumeci spent two years inside the criminal networks that move migrants around the world.

    Posted: May 13, 2015 2:40 PM
    Last Updated: May 15, 2015 5:13 PM
    Listen 10:11
  • Migrant boat Italy

    Friday July 31, 2015

    Should we create a new country solely for refugees?

    San Francisco-based real estate investor Jason Buzi defends his proposal to solve the world's refugee crisis by creating a new country to house them all.

    Posted: Jul 31, 2015 10:52 AM
    Last Updated: Jul 31, 2015 5:19 PM
    Listen 8:50
  • Mosul Museum

    Friday March 13, 2015

    10 historical sites destroyed by ISIS and why they matter

    As images emerge of ISIS destroying and plundering priceless antiquities and heritage sites, an anonymous group of locals are risking their lives to document what's gone and preserve what's at risk.

    Posted: Mar 13, 2015 11:48 AM
    Last Updated: Mar 13, 2015 6:07 PM
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