Episode 385: Republicans for Mueller, Humboldt survivor, Mexico vs. Facebook, Apu, DIY Coachella and more

Republicans draw a red line over Mueller, Humboldt survivor Ryan Straschnitzki, using Facebook to mess with Mexico's election, reckoning with Apu, build a backyard Coachella, marking the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, When the Moon Comes and more.

Republican strategist says it's time for the GOP to stand up for Mueller

U.S. Senators introduced a bipartisan bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller after President Donald Trump mused, once again, about firing him.

Humboldt survivor paralyzed from the chest down says he's not done with hockey

Ryan Straschnitzki survived last weekend's deadly crash. He broke his back and neck, but he's keen to get back on the ice.

Zuckerberg says sorry, but people are still using Facebook to mess with Mexico's election

In Mexico, unknown sources are flooding Facebook feeds with dubious "news" stories about the leading candidate.

DIY Coachella: How to get your favourite bands to play in your hometown

Can't afford Coachella? The Duhks' Leonard Podolak lays out a five-step guide for enticing musicians to play in your town.

'This is the life that I grew up with': Why The Simpsons' Apu is more than a stereotype

South Asian-American TV producer Amar Shah says there's more to Apu than meets the eye.

The end of an era: Meet the man who painted the starting line at the Boston Marathon for 36 years

Jack LeDuc has painted every Boston Marathon starting line since 1981. This year, he decided it was time to retire.

'Muzzling' Holocaust law casts shadow over 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Historian Jan Grabowski says Poland wants to sanitize its history, but that there are uncomfortable truths about its role in the Holocaust.

When the Moon Comes: An ode to the sport that has brought Canada together

The story of a group of children waiting for their first hockey game of the season is an ode to Canada's game. Paul Harbridge reads from his book as a tribute to Humboldt, Saskatchewan.

Riffed From the Headlines: 04/14/2018

Riffed from the Headlines is our weekly news quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag.

Episode 384: Trump takes on Amazon, Canadian hip hop, a bitcoin mining boom, NAFTA vs. bar bands and more

How Trump's Amazon tweets may have broken U.S. securities law, Canada's hidden hip hop history, why Spotify should become a record label, the bar bands affected by NAFTA, bitcoin mining boom towns, Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story and more.

Father of Humboldt Broncos player says survivors will be 'bonded for life'

After a few tense hours, Tom Straschnitzki found out his son Ryan survived Friday's terrible highway crash involving the Humboldt Broncos Junior hockey team. But Ryan can't feel anything below his waist.

Trump's attacks on Amazon might have broken the law, says former White House ethics lawyer

Richard Painter, who was the chief ethics lawyer under George W. Bush, says Trump's tweets could amount to market manipulation — and shareholders could sue.

One fan's plea to NAFTA negotiators: Throw Canada's touring bands a bone

Some observers say an agreement-in-principle is within striking distance. But amidst all the talk about softwood lumber and automobile parts, who's looking out for Canada's musicians?

From Michie Mee to War Party: The lost history of Canadian hip hop

For decades, much of Canada's hip hop history has gone undocumented. Now, the North Side Hip Hop Archive is celebrating the stories of the genre's pioneers.

Why starting a record label could be Spotify's best path to profit

Spotify went public this week but it's still not turning a profit. Tech journalist Simon Owens says that if it wants to make money, it should start signing its own artists.

Bitcoin rush: What happens when cryptocurrency miners come to town

Miners are flocking to the Columbia Basin in Washington state, but it’s not gold they’re after — it’s bitcoin.

Tackling the migrant crisis in Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story

The story of Hannah Moscovitch's great-grandparents — Jewish refugees who landed in Halifax in 1908 — speaks to today's debates over immigration and belonging.

Riffed from the Headlines: 04/07/2018

Riffed from the Headlines is our weekly news quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag.

Episode 383: What Google knows about you, Naloxone for libraries, the sound of the Jays, Easter Island & more

What Google knows about you, library workers confront the opioid crisis, mixing audio for the Blue Jays, NCAA players want a cut of the profits, what Renaissance paintings can teach us about disease, climate change threatens Easter Island's statues and more.

Want to know everything Google knows about you? (Spoiler alert: It's even more than you think)

Web developer Dylan Curran explains how to get all of the data Google and Facebook are storing about you. You should probably be sitting down for this.

How the opioid crisis could turn library workers into emergency responders

Opioid overdoses hit record levels in 2017. Now library workers are debating whether they should carry and administer Naloxone, a potentially life-saving antidote.

What Renaissance paintings can teach us about cancer

Researchers recently uncovered two of the earliest known depictions of breast cancer and cancer expert Michael Baum says we can learn a lot about the disease from history's art models.

Easter Island's iconic statues could disappear because of climate change

The Moai of Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, have stood for more than 500 years. Now, storm surges and erosion put them at risk of falling into the sea.

Meet the man who makes the Toronto Blue Jays sound great

Major League Baseball is back and thanks to the audio mixer who crafts the game's sound, Blue Jays fans will be able to hear every crack of the bat from the comfort of their own home.