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  • Duncan McCue hosts a live Checkup event

    Cross Country Checkup live from Membertou First Nation

    by Cross Country Checkup

    Join us Sunday Feb. 26, 2017 in the Maupeltuewey Kina'matno'kuom Elementary School gym at the Membertou First Nation in Nova Scotia for a live broadcast of Cross Country Checkup.

    Posted: Feb 19, 2017 4:09 PM ET
    Last Updated: Feb 19, 2017 7:20 PM ET
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  • roquefort-cp-6130754

    Arthur Awards: How a simple job offer saved a life

    by Cross Country Checkup

    William Chalupiak told us about a man who was his "life raft." Café owner Jake Callingham's small act of kindness to Chalupiak, a virtual stranger, kept him from sinking into an even darker place than the one he was in.

    Posted: Feb 20, 2017 4:05 PM ET read comments audio
  • snowblower halifax

    Arthur Awards: The understated generosity of snow removal

    by Cross Country Checkup

    Barbara Quigley is a single mother of six in New Brunswick and after the ice storms this winter she kept being surprised by her neighbour who would come over and shovel her driveway. A small thing, but it meant a great deal to her.

    Posted: Feb 20, 2017 3:00 PM ET
    Last Updated: Feb 20, 2017 4:06 PM ET
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