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Ontario woman seeks home for 66-year-old Mary Pratt painting

The painting, dating back to 1952, is a watercolour of Anne Wheatley Hicks' favourite doll. Pratt, then 17, was a babysitter in Fredericton.

Family fractures: What will you do with unwanted family heirlooms?

From 12 fine china place settings to grandfather clocks, does the younger generation have space for beloved family antiques?

Saudi-Canada spat: Is Twitter the right medium to conduct foreign relations?

David Mulroney, former Canadian ambassador to China, says he wouldn't have taken the risk of speaking out so publicly about human rights issues in Saudi Arabia on Twitter.

Canadian Muslim woman 'deeply offended' by Saudi government's treatment of women

A Muslim woman writes that she wants Canadians to know that the Saudi government is not representative of the Muslim faith.

Are we prepared to pay the price of standing up to repressive regimes?

What began as a tweet of concern about human rights has led to a diplomatic feud between Saudi Arabia and Canada. Listen in as guest host Renee Filippone chats with people across the country about this topic.

Why a rock singer and doctor abandoned — then reclaimed — their first careers

In the mid-1990s, all Chris Archibald wanted to do was rock out. He played in a band and pursued his dream, but fame and fortune didn't follow. So he found a government job.

Office or houseboat: What would you do if you could give up your day job?

Everyone has a dream outside of their 9 to 5 work. What's yours?

'Not again': Son of Quebec mosque shooting victim calls for gun reform after Toronto deaths

Amir Belkacemi, whose father Khaled was killed by Alexandre Bissonnette in 2017, tells Checkup a handgun ban won't end gun violence, but it could help.

Former Hells Angel says early intervention key to curbing youth gun violence

Joe Calendino spent a decade as a Hells Angels member. Now he mentors young people on Vancouver's Lower Mainland to keep them away from dangerous lifestyles.

Is it time to ban the handgun?

In the wake of Sunday's downtown Toronto shooting, city council voted to ban handgun sales in the city. Should the rest of Canada follow suit? How far should government go?

Dan Savage says Ontario's sex-ed repeal puts children 'in danger'

The sex and relationship advice columnist thinks Ontario's decision to revert back to a 20-year-old sex-ed curriculum is a bad decision.

Why this teen thinks it's important to learn about sex, consent and 'being yourself'

The 13-year-old student from Dartmouth, N.S. called Cross Country Checkup on Sunday to share her perspective on the kind of sex-ed she receives in her province. She said this year, she's learned about sexually transmitted diseases and the importance of consent.

Who should teach sex-ed — parents or teachers? How far can schools go?

Parents and teachers are scrambling after Ontario Premier Doug Ford scrapped its existing sex ed curriculum, in favour of one taught in 1998.

Former NAFTA negotiator calls Trump's 'bluster' on trade deals offensive

When Michael Wilson negotiated NAFTA 25 years ago, the most tense moment was leaving a baseball game early. He calls Trump's divisive approach today on trade negotiations 'dangerous.'

Buy Canadian boycott doesn't 'punish' Trump — it hurts average Americans: Checkup caller

Mary Pitts, a caller from London, Ont., told Cross Country Checkup that boycotting American goods because of U.S.-imposed tariffs will only make things worse for those who are in the "same boat we are."

Brewing problem: U.S. beer drinkers pay more as aluminum tariffs hit cans

Octopi, a craft brewery in Waukanee, Wis., is having to charge customers more — or take a hit to their bottom line — as American tariffs on steel and aluminum imports enter the taproom.

From havarti to Harleys: How 2 key Wisconsin exports are coping with trade uncertainty

Canada is the biggest customer for Wisconsin's exports, with over $14 billion worth of goods crossing the border in 2016. As threats of a trade war continue, will the relationship change?
Checkup in Wisconsin

Talking to Americans: Are we still BFFs?

Cross Country Checkup host Duncan McCue crosses the border to take calls from Americans and Canadians about Trump, Trudeau and tariffs.

Driver still copes with aftermath of fatal collision, 20 years after killing a cyclist

The 1997 collision on a California highway prompted her to write a book about deadly auto crashes.

Cycle of problems: What can be done to reduce bike deaths?

With the recent spate of cycling deaths in Toronto, bike activists and road safety experts alike are demanding major reforms in cities across Canada.

'I was never so afraid of a turtle': When unexpected wildlife encounters go wrong

These three Checkup callers found out the hard way that unexpected encounters with wildlife can be unpleasant.

Growing numbers of citizen scientists hunt birds — with their smartphones

Bird-watchers are hitting the trails with far more than a pair of binoculars. Apps such as eBird and iNaturalist are turning citizens into scientists — by helping researchers to better understand bird populations.
Personal Essay

How a childhood caribou hunt with my grandfather taught me to respect animals

Nick Wapachee, a member of the Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee, recalls the lessons he learned hunting for the first time as a seven-year old in northern Quebec.

Moose and beavers and gators, oh my! Tell us about your most memorable wildlife encounter

Camping, cottages, long hikes — and possibly, a life-changing encounter with a wild beast. What was your unexpected encounter with a wild animal?

'Who was advocating for my dad?' Daughter of Wettlaufer victim speaks out for first time

Joanne Birtch, speaking about her father James Silcox's death publicly for the first time, hopes the public inquiry into Elizabeth Wettlaufer will shed light on the circumstances leading up to the eight murders in a nursing home.