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'Cozy Classics' author Holman Wang shares advice on how to get your kids to read

"Breaking bedtime rules" and "Exploring the library" are just a couple of his tips
Holman Wang reading to his children, Celia and Felix. (Supplied)

If you're worried that your kids may have a tough time getting back into the groove of reading and writing, author Holman Wang can help. He is the co-creator of Cozy Classics, a board book series that features stories like Moby Dick and Jane Eyre with needle-felted pictures.

Holman so passionate about reading and writing that in the third grade, he and his brother Jack made their own versions of the Ramona and Beezus books. (Supplied)

Holman gave Candy some tips on how to get kids reading again and recommended a few of his daughter's favourite books. Here are some of them!

Holman's Reading Tips

1. Break the bedtime rules: Let the kids stay up late, but only if they're reading or looking at a book. Even buy your child a headlamp! This will help equate reading with permissible fun rather than making it a chore.

2. Explore non-narrative formats: Including how-to books, joke books, list books (e.g. Guinness Book of World Records), and encyclopedias (Lego, Star Wars). Especially with boys, sometimes they're open to reading, but aren't necessary interested in a story.

3. Graphic novels: There's nothing wrong with comics! American-Born Chinese (YA) and Roller Girl (school-aged kids) are great examples of graphic novels with substance.

4. Explore libraries: Make an express adventure of visiting a distant library. A treasure hunt for books!

5. Read the TV: With older reluctant readers, let them watch TV or a movie without the sound, but with the closed captioning on. If they want screen time, they have to read!