Tuesday March 08, 2016

Episode 13: Game changer

(Aiken Lao)

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Dream Again

Isaiah wrote about his dreams, and picking up the pieces after losing it all.

As a kid, Isaiah was so obsessed with basketball, he'd lock himself in his mom's bathroom just to work on his dribbling skills. He grew up in a family that cherished the sport. He was destined to play the game.

Isaiah was touted as one of the top high-school prospects in the world despite going blind in one eye.

His undeniable talent led him to Baylor University, where he continued to dominate opposing teams. By the end of his sophomore season he made the decision to enter the NBA draft. But just five days before his dream was realized, five days before signing a multi-million dollar contract, Isaiah was faced with the ultimate game changer.

Hear the story of Isaiah's struggle to pick up the pieces of a shattered dream, and his search to redefine his life.

Respect the ball, respect the game0:30

What happens when elite athletes are forced to give up the game they love? After devoting such a huge chunk of their lives to one goal, how do they find a new sense of purpose and carve out a new identity for themselves?

Paul and Albert

(OIsy Sorokina )

Many of them confide in a sports psychologist like Dr. Paul Dennis to help navigate the transition. He's spent 20 years as a consultant with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now, he teaches and works with college athletes, helping players with self-confidence, performance, and coping with major injuries.

Dr. Dennis came by the Campus studio to tell us more about how he helps athletes come to terms with such a devastating loss, and coaching them to move on and dream again.

Video courtesy of ESPN

Isaiah x Campus

Isaiah hanging out with the Campus Crew (Eunice Kim)