A look behind the curtain of three of CBC radio's biggest shows to see what 2017 stories had the biggest impact on hosts and what they're planning to dig into in 2018.

Featuring Piya Chattopadhyay, host of Out in the Open, Anna Maria Tremonti, host of The Current and Duncan McCue, host of Cross Country Checkup. Ask Me Anything is hosted by Ali Hassan, host of CBC Radio's Laugh Out Loud in front of a live audience.

Out In The Open tackles one timely subject each week from many different angles with energy and journalistic rigour. Hearing directly from a diverse range of people with real stories to tell and passionate opinions to share — including the outspoken listeners. 

The Current is a meeting place of perspectives, ideas and voices. If major news breaks, they're on it, both on air and online. Nothing is off limits. The Current makes you think, and makes you think differently.

Cross Country Checkup is Canada's only weekly national open-line radio program. It's broadcast live simultaneously through 6 time zones across the country every Sunday. Each week host Duncan McCue rolls out the welcome mat to everyone who wants to phone-in or take part through social media in a lively discussion on a topic important to all Canadians. Hear the thoughts and opinions from a whole range of perspectives in every part of the country.