The numbers are bleak. Fewer and fewer millennials are filling the pews and praying at mosques and temples across Canada. But that doesn't necessarily mean the next generation is spiritually bankrupt. Maybe they just need something different…

As Canada marks its 150th year as a nation, we're exploring how spirituality helps young people deal with the world they're inheriting.

In this special program, you'll meet millennials from across Canada who are carving their own spiritual paths and making religion their own.

You'll hear from:

Pastor Sam Picken and young people at C3 - a pop-up church in Toronto

C3 pop-up church Toronto

(C3 Toronto)

Zoja Popovic - ditched her intense, precarious gig in the newsroom and turned to yoga and meditation

Zoja Popovic

Raquel Russell - she's not afraid to question church authority… and her dad, Pastor Wayne Russell, who's open to learning from her

Raquel Russell Wayne Russell

Raquel Russell with her father, Wayne Russell (Phillip Taylor, Phenom Life Images)

Troy Jackson - co-founded Toronto's Unity Mosque, where young LGBTQ Muslims can feel comfortable to be who they are

Troy Jackson

Troy Jackson (Daniel Ehrenworth)

Caitlyn Baikie - ditches her cell phone and connects with her Inuit spirituality on the land in northern Labrador

Caitlyn Baikie

Caitlyn Baikie (Brandon Pardy)


Cameron Dunkin - being in the moment while doing his dishes

Sue Bedford - achieving zen up in the Himalayas

Joel Zimmerman - dancing his heart (and soul) out

Siobhan Chandler - a sociologist of religion who asks different questions to get to the heart of millennial spirituality

The show was produced by soul-searcher Mieke Anderson.

About the host:

Erin Noel

Erin Noel is the Senior Producer of CBC Radio's Tapestry. She was raised Catholic, found solace on the coastline of Newfoundland as a teen, got into Buddhist meditation in her 20s, and became a hatha yoga teacher in her early 30s. She's curious to see where her spiritual path leads next…