Looking to save more money or pay down some debt in 2017? Experts share tips on how you can reach your financial goals. (CBC)

Why are we so weird about money. We think about it all the time, but we don't like to talk about how much we make. We hide it from our partners and our families. We use to signal our success, but get envious when others do the same.

In Mad Money, we try to figure out if there's a better way to talk about money and just how much we need to be happy. There is an actual number for that, but you'll have to listen to find out what it is.

Join CBC business reporter Tracy Johnson for 'Mad Money' for some financial therapy.

This holiday special was produced by CBC's Meegan Read.

Some voices in the program:

  • Peter McLeod, founder of Mass LBP

"I think in a lot of workplaces, talking about your salary is quite taboo and I think that creates unnecessary anxiety and suspicion."

  • Sophia Harris, CBC reporter

"I was jealous, it made me look back at my younger days and think why did I spend my money so ridiculously."

  • An out of work energy executive

"Have we, in a way, been our own worst enemies as employees in the energy sector that we set all these standards and expectations for ourselves and our families."

  • David Dick, philosopher, University of Calgary

"Suppose you use your salary as a way of keeping score, then every year when your salary goes up, you might well answer the question, saying - no, i'm doing better, I have an objective judgement that says I have a higher score than last year. But if your salary goes down...."