Schoolhouse Rock musician and jazz vocalist Bob Dorough dies at 94

Steve Berger remembers his friend Bob Dorough, the musician who taught countless children about math, grammar and the U.S. political system.

Canada and U.S. clash over sunset clause in 'forceful' NAFTA talks

Canada's Foreign Affairs minister and her U.S. trade counterpart had an intense exchange of views during a private NAFTA meeting on Tuesday. A source with direct knowledge of the situation said the conversation was 'forceful' and both countries were digging in their heels over an American demand for a sunset clause.

These are the victims of Toronto's deadly van attack

More victims are being identified by family, friends and employers after Monday’s deadly van attack on Toronto’s Yonge Street.

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U.K. commissioner accuses Canadian company of ducking questions about Brexit campaign

Britain's Information Commissioner is officially challenging some of the answers provided by representatives of a Canadian technology firm during their appearance before a parliamentary committee in Ottawa this week.

DNA brings arrest in sadistic California crime spree from '70s and '80s

A DNA match in the past six days tied a former police officer to some of the crimes committed by a California serial killer behind at least 12 homicides and 45 rapes throughout the state in the 1970s and '80s, police officials announce.

Officer who arrested van attack suspect rejects hero label, deputy chief says

Toronto police Deputy Chief Peter Yuen says the police officer who apprehended the suspect in Monday's deadly van attack doesn't want to be considered a hero.

WestJet pilot union launches strike vote

After eight months at the bargaining table, the union representing WestJet pilots is calling a strike vote.

The Beaches on their 'breakthrough' journey from Family Channel to rockstars

The maturity of The Beaches can easily be traced through their trajectory from Family Channel stars to up-and-coming stadium rockstars.

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Nova Scotia deletes outdated 'spinster' reference from marriage law

Nova Scotia is modernizing its outdated marriage law by, among other things, removing references to spinsters and illegitimate children.

Brightenview changes its mind about buying land at the GTH

CBC has learned that megamall developer Brightenview Development International has had a change of heart regarding it's plans to purchase additional land at the troubled Global Transportation Hub.

Royal Newfoundland Regiment to be commemorated with caribou monument in Gallipoli

It took a decade of meetings and discussions, but the Royal Newfoundland Regiment is finally being commemorated with a caribou monument in Gallipoli.

Trump, Kanye West trade complimentary tweets

U.S. President Donald Trump tweets his thanks to rap superstar Kanye West for his recent online support.

'I feel like I'm showing a lie': Time for X gender option on Manitoba ID, says non-binary advocate

A non-binary trans person is calling on the Manitoba government to give them an X option on government ID.

Money for new École St. Pius X needed, repairs unsustainable: board members

Crumbling infrastructure and a lack of money have concerned citizens wondering just how long Regina's École St. Pius X can stay open.

Concerns about fights, underage drinking end popular pub crawl at C.B. festival

Fewer than 2,000 people live in the former coal-mining town in Cape Breton, but every summer between 600 and 800 people turn out for the pub crawl and visit the area's five drinking establishments.

Hockey Night in Canada: Leafs vs. Bruins - Game 7

The Boston Bruins host the Toronto Maple Leafs in Game 7 of their series as the playoffs continue on Wednesday, April 25 on Hockey Night in Canada. Watch coverage with our free live stream on the CBC Sports app.

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Hockey Night in Canada: Leafs vs. Bruins - Game 7

The Boston Bruins host the Toronto Maple Leafs in Game 7 as the NHL playoffs continue on Wednesday, April 25 on Hockey Night in Canada.

Disabled Canadian woman fought deportation from U.K. after 4 decades

Margaret O’Brien, 69, who has a spinal cord injury, had her disability payments withheld for two years as she struggled to prove she was in the U.K. legally.

Independent senators struggle with how independent they should really be, memo reveals

Free from the restraints of sitting in a partisan caucus, newly-appointed senators who identify as Independents are struggling with just how independent they should really be, and how far they should go in opposing the Liberal government's agenda, according to a memo obtained by CBC News.

The surprising trait of the deep-diving 'sea nomads' of southeast Asia

Ultrasounds conducted on members of the Bajau people — an ethnic group known for its skilled free divers — suggest the ability to hold your breath for sustained periods may have less to do with the lungs than it does with another organ.