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The Kellie Leitch sequel to critically-acclaimed 'Come from Away'

Quiz: are you a Come From Away know-it-all?

This week, Canada's hot new musical Come From Away made its debut, charming critics and extra-special guests. On Wednesday, the Consulate General of Canada booked 500 seats for Canadians and friends of Canada, including  Prime Minister Trudeau. Trudeau even made a special pre-show speech, commending the play's inclusive message. 

Are you a Come From Away know-it-all? Take our quiz to find out. 

1.  At Wednesday's show, who did Trudeau sit beside?

* click or scroll over for the answer.

2. "Come from Away" tells the story of flight passengers who were grounded in Newfoundland after 9/11. During his pre-show speech, Trudeau said of the passengers: "There was an immediate cry out for [something]." What was it?

3.  Trudeau confessed to crying during the show. At what particular moment did the water works start?

4. What is the name of the Canadian town featured in "Come from Away"?

5. There was a former Prime Minister in the crowd. Who was it?

Listen above to hear our panel discuss Trudeau's musical move and what Kellie Leitch would bring to the Great White Way.