Yukon promotes 'The D'

Yukon’s Department of Health and Social Services thinks we all need a bit more of “the D.”

The Department of Health and Social Services in the Yukon tried to connect with "The Youth" by referring to vitamin D as "The D." But "The Youth" already use "The D" to refer to "The P" (as in phallus, pecker, Peter, paynus)

Their slogan "We all need the D - Even Me!" set off a wave of Rebecca Black-level online mockery. To their credit, whether the cheekiness was intentional or not, it definitely raised awareness of vitamin D, along with raising awareness of a generation gap.

I need it all year round- Scott Thompson definitely talking about vitamin D, you perverts

Rebecca Northan and Scott Thompson agreed that hiring Idris Elba as a spokesperson to say "I'll give you The D" would definitely convince them to line up for it.

Try our quiz below and guess which items are chock full of 'The D.' Then listen to the audio to see if you scored higher than our panel. 

Full of Vitamin D?: Mushrooms

*Scroll over or click the graphic for the answer

Full of Vitamin D?: Salmon

Full of Vitamin D?: The Navy... Bean

Full of Vitamin D?: Cucumber

Full of Vitamin D?: Fort Lauderdale

Full of Vitamin D?: Nuts