Wednesday November 05, 2014

Whisky Bible snubs Scots, names Japanese spirit best in the world


A bottle of Yamazaki Single Malt. The sherry cask version won the top prize in this year's World Whisky Bible. (flickr, creative commons)

It's an award that's left a bitter taste in the mouths of Scotland's proud whisky makers. This year, the world authority on whisky -- the World Whisky Bible -- named a Japanese spirit, Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask, the best whisky in the world. 

The bible's author Jim Murray called it a drink of "near incredible genius." To add insult to injury, for the first time in its history, a Scottish Whisky failed to make even the top five.

"There is great Scotch whisky out there, however, there's just a little bit too much that is sub-standard."

Murray knows his whisky. He says he's tasted over 1000 whiskies in the course of makingalbertapremium.png the latest edition of the bible. Murray tells Carol, another that stands out is a Canadian rye, Alberta Premium.

He says, "You make one of the more terrific whiskies, but unfortunately your marketing people do nothing about it...there's a total inferiority complex."

Murray says it's remarkable that one of the top whiskies in the world can be bought inexpensively in a plastic bottle in Canadian liquor store. It retails for about 14 bucks.