Tuesday January 20, 2015

Paris - FOX News lawsuit, halibut by-catch, Easter Island statue snow sculptor, and more...

The Mayor of Paris says the city will sue the Fox News network, after its commentators repeatedly refer to "No-Go Zones" for non-Muslims...A group dedicated to preserving halibut stocks wants fishermen to stop throwing back millions of kilos of unwanted "bycatch"...and when it comes to snowmen, an Ontario man abandons the carrot-and-stick approach to build hulking frozen replicas of the statues on Easter Island.

Part One

Paris FOX lawsuit
Since the massacre in Paris, commentators for Fox News have repeatedly claimed there are parts of the City of Light that non-Muslims cannot go. Now, the mayor of Paris says she's going to sue the network.

UK Sun newspaper Page 3 "model" gone
It's clothing time for a staple of the U.K.'s Sun newspaper -- as it says "ta ta" to its topless models on Page Three, after 44 years.

Radio station hack
A Michigan AM station -- run by Jim Higgs, out of his basement -- is having a difficult time staying on the air, after hackers try to shake Mr. Higgs down, and then succeed in shutting him down.

Part Two

Yellowstone pipeline spill
Some Montana residents are forced to drink bottled water after a pipeline burst over the weekend, spilling 50,000 gallons of oil in and around the Yellowstone River.

Easter Island snow statue sculptor
A Waterloo, Ontario high school teacher's snowmen are head-and-shoulders above the rest -- although, because they're replicas of the statues on Easter Island, they're pretty much just heads and shoulders.

Part Three

Nabeel Rajab sentenced
As Bahrain's most prominent human-rights activist, Nabeel Rajab is used to being silenced. And he's no stranger to prison. But his latest sentence is more outlandish than usual: he's been given six months for a tweet.

Halibut by-catch
Millions of kilograms of halibut are being unintenionally caught and killed off the coast of Alaska -- and experts are meeting next week to find a solution to the bycatch problem.

Iran-Argentina death
One day before he was due to present crucial evidence against the government in the case of the 1994 bombing of a Jewish centre in Argentina, a federal prosecutor is found dead.

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