Wednesday March 18, 2015

PHOTOS | World’s scariest footpath, Caminito del Rey, to re-open after safety makeover

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A walkway in Spain, known as the world's scariest footpath, is set to re-open this month after several deaths led to its closure more than a decade ago. But some daredevil climbers are worried that the new renovations will mean some of the thrill will be lost.

Fixed along the steeps walls of a gorge in the province of Málaga, the century-old, metre-wide walkway -- named the Caminito del Rey (or the King's Walkway) -- became a draw for tourists. But after fatal accidents in 1999 and 2000, the government closed the entrances. 

The path is now renovated to ensure a safer experience and will re-open to the general public on March 28th.

Climber Ilana Marcus, who walked along the Caminito del Rey before the makeover, says that while the changes may help boost mainstream tourism, some of the safety measures “might have been a bit much.”

She tells As It Happens host Carol Off, “I’d love to see what they’ve done to it, but obviously, the thrill has somewhat been removed.” 

Marcus’ photos, courtesy of her website Thrillseekers Anonymous, offer a glimpse of the breathtaking views from the Caminito del Rey.

Listen to Marcus describe her experience of walking along the pathway before the renovations.

Ilana Marcus

Climber Ilana Marcus on Diga di Luzzone in Blenio, Switzerland. (Ilana Marcus/Thrillseekers Anonymous)