Wednesday January 10, 2018

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

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Part One

World Trade Organization Complaint
In a new complaint with the World Trade organization, Canada says U.S. trade duties are bad for Canada — whereas the U.S. says that for Canada to complain about those duties is bad for Canada.  

California Mudslides
A Canadian living in California tells us about the torrential rains that turned the earth to mud this week — and the moment that mud began rushing toward his Montecito home. 

Fire Birds 
Australia's indigenous people have known about the serial arsonists setting fire to the bush for millennia — and now scientists have shared that knowledge with the rest of us: the arsonists are tricky, predatory birds. 

Part Two

Capacity Bill
He's not saying he doesn't agree with Donald Trump's self-assessment as a "very stable genius" — but Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin would like a commission to officially assess a president's stability. 

Pakistani Journalist 
On a busy street this morning, armed men attacked Pakistani journalist Taha Siddiqui and stuffed him in the back of a car — and tonight, Siddiqui himself tells us how he managed to get away. 

Part Three

Not Choking Fan
When he read about a stand-up comic saving a fan from choking, a blogger thought something funny was going on -- and Peter Heimlich — yes, Peter Heimlich — explains how he maneuvered his way to the truth. 

Maura Jacobson Obit
Remembering Maura Jacobson, a former New York Magazine crossword puzzlemaker, who was known for her thematic clues and witty puns. 

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