As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
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Part One

Trump latest: former Nixon counsel John Dean
After the revelation that U.S. President Trump tried to stop the FBI's investigation into Michael Flynn's ties to Russia, many are talking impeachment and Watergate -- subjects our guest, former Nixon aide John Dean, knows a lot about.  

Councillor flight
When a fellow passenger allegedly attacks members of the flight crew and tries to open the airplane door, a Toronto city councillor steps up to stop anything worse from going down.  

Jeremy the Snail: update
Because of his unusual physiology, Jeremy the snail has had a hard time finding love -- and now, even after humans found him two potential mates, it turns out they only have eyestalks for each other. 

Part Two

'Newfie' study
Some people consider it a term of endearment, and others can't come to terms with it at all -- and now, a sociology prof has taken a hard academic look at the controversial word "Newfie". 

Car wash pets 
A man in Happy Valley-Goose Bay has been charged under the Animal Protection Act after taking his dog through a car wash.

Part Three

Erdogan protester assaulted
Lucy Osoyan is a Kurdish activist who was beaten up at a protest during the Turkish President's visit to Washington yesterday. U.S. officials confirmed to one media outlet that the men who assaulted the protesters were President Erdogan's bodyguards.

Encore feature interview: Samra Zafar
An encore presentation of Helen's conversation with Samra Zafar -- who draws on her harrowing personal experiences to help women rebuild their lives after leaving abusive relationships.