As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
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Part One

La Loche anniversary
She barely survived the La Loche school shooting. Now, a year into her recovery, a Saskatchewan teacher says it's time her community got the help it was guaranteed. 

Federal Cabinet shuffle
Days before the new U.S. president takes office, Justin Trudeau rejigs his cabinet to include a new foreign minister whose focus so far has been entirely on trade.  

IMDB age discrimination fight
A former Beverly Hills 90210 star says her fight to prevent the publication of actors' ages is based on her own experience and a belief in women's rights. 

Part Two

Pakistani fatwa
Shaan Taseer's father was murdered after being accused of blasphemy. Now the Pakistani activist says he's under a fatwa himself after repeating a familiar and familial refrain. 

Feeding homeless arrests
A Florida volunteer is arrested for feeding homeless people in a Tampa park, but he says he and his colleagues won't let a little thing like being arrested stop them from being kind. 

Part Three

Refugees follow-up
UBC law professor Efrat Arbel says it's time to get rid of a rule that make it tough for asylum seekers who want to come across the US border into Canada.

Clare Hollingworth obit
Clare Hollingworth, the journalist who broke the news that the Second World War had begun, has died at 105. And you won't believe her frustration with the editor who simply didn't believe what she'd seen with her very own eyes.  

Old tree
California's Big Trees State Park says goodbye to a sequoia so huge that tourists used to drive through the tunnel in its trunk.