As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, June 15, 2017
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Part One

Syrian fire victim
He left chaos for safety. But three years after escaping the war in Syria for a new life in the U.K., Mohammad Al-Haj Ali died in the fire that consumed a London high-rise in the early hours of Wednesday morning. 

Turkey charges
Two Canadian men are among those charged for brutally attacking protesters at the Turkish's ambassador's residence in Washington D.C. last month. Now, a Canadian victim explains how she helped authorities identify the suspects. 

Raccoon attack 
During a run on a forest trail, a woman is attacked by a raccoon with rabies — but instead of succumbing to mask hysteria, she drowns her assailant in a bog. 

Part Two

Emoluments lawsuit
Democratic Congresswoman Primila Jayapal tells us why she's joined 195 of her colleagues to take the U.S. President to Court for violating a constitutional provision that's supposed to keep him from cashing in on his high office. 

Hair piano teacher
Our guest's concerns go from minor to major when a piano teacher gets snippy with her 7-year-old daughter — not in the sense of giving her grief, but in the sense of giving her a haircut. 

Part Three

Jonathan Powell
As far as our guest is concerned, Theresa May's new relationship with the Northern Irish DUP goes beyond strange to worrisome. He's the former chief negotiator for Northern Ireland — and he says that alliance might threaten the peace accord.  

Space flatworms
First it headed into space. Then, it headed back. But when it headed to the International Space Station a flatworm had one head — and when it headed back, it had a second one. A double-header interview on that subject.