Thursday January 14, 2016

As It Happens Thursday Edition

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Part One

Jakarta witness
It started with a suicide bombing and when the terrorist attack in Jakarta, Indonesia ended three hours later, two bystanders were dead, including one Canadian. 

Refugees: McKenna
Former New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna has an elegant solution to Atlantic Canada's shrinking population problem: force incoming immigrants to live there. 

Ugly fish guy
Ten years ago, a curator at a BC museum found the "bony-eared assfish" — and now, for some reason, he's put this butt-ugly monster on display.

Part Two

Kurdi Charlie Hebdo
Even by the outrageous standards of Charlie Hebdo, a new cartoon centred on drowned Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi is tasteless — and Alan's aunt shares her disgust. 

Powerball shop owner
On the one hand, he's just glad one of his customers won the Powerball Lottery. But on the hand that's high-fiving everybody, the owner of a California 7-11 is ecstatic that he'll  get almost a million-dollars for selling a winning ticket. 

Brian Bedford obit
Canada's theatre community is heartbroken by the death of an actor/director who could do it all, and did: the late Brian Bedford. 

Part Three

Refugee bike update
Last year, thousands of people took advantage of a loophole, and entered Norway through Russia on bicycles. But Norway does not appreciate their resourcefulness: it's sending them all back. 

Poland Eurovision
Poland is facing protests and international criticism over a new law giving the government control over state broadcasters. But one group may actually shake the government's resolve: the group that runs the Eurovision Song Contest. 

Antarctic pilot obit
Canadian helicopter pilot David Wood died in Antarctica this week. His brother-in-law remembers him as a great pilot and friend.

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