As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, June 12, 2017
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Part One

Beverley McLachlin steps down
After 28 years, Canada's longest-serving chief justice has announced her retirement — and tonight, we'll look back at the many stands Beverley McLachlin took while sitting on the bench.  

Climate change study
An annual Arctic research trip to study the effects of climate change is abruptly cancelled — because climate change itself has set loose dangerous ice. 

Goat skin paper
You may have heard that the Queen's speech opening British Parliament was delayed because it had to be written on goatskin — but an expert clears up that myth, saying it's a matter of all work and no flaying. 

Part Two

Russia protests
Russia Day is meant to be a day of celebration — but today, there were clashes with police, and hundreds were detained, as thousands across the country marched against corruption. 

Comey coverage 
Former FBI Director James Comey leveled some serious accusations against the U.S. President last week — so why do Trump supporters believe Comey exonerated him of all wrongdoing?  

Part Three

Akulivik deaths
The small, remote town of Akulivik, on the shores of Hudson's Bay in Quebec, is reeling after four people are murdered, and two wounded. And our guest is especially shaken — because she was awoken by the violence. 

Climate Accord: Nicaragua
When the U.S. opted out of the Paris climate accord, it became part of a mere trio of countries that haven't signed on — but Nicaragua wants you to exclude it from that exclusive group.