Monday May 15, 2017

As It Happens: Monday edition

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Part One

RCMP bullying report
The RCMP watchdog says not enough has been done to tackle problems with harassment and bullying among officers — and that the force can't handle the problem on its own. 

Cyber attack hero
The "WannaCry" cyber attack lived up to its name, causing computer users around the world to choke back sobs — until a group of security researchers disrupted the global disruption. 

Sgt. Pepper's reviewer
More like "Sergeant Pooper's Baloney Parts Club Bland". In 1967, a New York Times critic savaged an album that's widely considered a masterpiece — and with its 50th anniversary approaching, he's still off the Beatle tracks. 

Part Two

Targeted activist
A New Jersey activist says her congressman was trying to get her fired when he sent a letter to her employer that singled her out as a so-called "ringleader" of political activism. 

Snowden refugees
The Hong Kong government rejects the asylum claims of seven refugees — and their lawyer says they were dismissed for helping NSA contractor-turned-wanted man Edward Snowden. 

Part Three

Virginia protest
Charlottesville, Virginia Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy says a few white nationalists with tikki torches won't intimidate his city into keeping a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. 

Ice cream wars
In a small Ontario town, a family-run ice cream parlour is doing battle with the town council — and now that the family has filed a lawsuit, it seems there's little chance the two sides will re-cone-cile. 

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