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Friday, June 16, 2017
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Part One

Helmut Kohl: Mulroney
The architect of modern Germany. Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney remembers German Chancelor Helmut Kohl — and their fight to re-unite Germany inside a united Europe.

Amazon Whole Foods
After the online giant acquires the Whole Foods grocery chain, the question isn't what you'll be able to buy from Amazon — but whether the end goal is that you won't be able to buy anything from anyone else. 

Vegetable names
Researchers from Stanford University find people are more interested in eating vegetables when the dishes have sexier names -- because otherwise they couldn't carrot less. 

Part Two

Supreme Court of Canada: delays
The Supreme Court doubles down on a rule requiring criminal cases to be dropped if they take too long to bring to trial — and the winning lawyer says that should light a fire under anyone who's been slowing the system down. 

Balloon ban 
When you go up against a balloon, you'll be lucky to squeak by. And, as a New Jersey state senator is discovering, when you go up against the national Balloon Council, things are going to blow up.

Part Three

Joshua Wong
Joshua Wong was just 17 when he became a symbol for pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong — and three years later, he'll tell us about the new documentary in which he stars. 

Omnibus bill
The Liberal government has just a few more weeks to get its budget bill passed before Parliament rises for the summer. As expected, it's getting a tough going-over from opposition senators. And they're not the only ones with questions. Liberal Senator Joseph Day says there are things in the bill that shouldn't be there.

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