Friday November 20, 2015

Scotland snubbed, as Canadian whisky named best in the world

(Jim Murray/Crown Royal)

Listen 6:02

Whiskey guru Jim Murray has named Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye the world whisky of the year. 

That's right, this year's top tipple is made in Gimli, MB., according to the Whisky Bible. 

He tells As It Happens host Carol Off, "This one absolutely had me on the edge of my seat, from the very first moment."

Murray says he spent a long time smelling, or "nosing," the whisky before tasting it.

"The nose had me there, spellbound. I thought, 'Oh Lord, what's happened here? This is a bit special.'"

Murray's pick has some purists upset, with one Scottish expert calling his pick a 'marketing ploy.'

Murray is quick to dismiss the criticism. 

"It's called snobbery," he says. "People automatically think, if it's not single malt scotch, it can't be good."