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Fredericton widow who called Trudeau a 'piece of s--t' says she lashed out in a moment of pain

Melissa Robichaud says she wants her sons to know their father is just as important as the two police officers who were killed in last week's Fredericton shooting.

Minnesota beer truck driver talks distressed man off bridge, offers him a drink

Two beer delivery men are being credited with saving a Minnesota man's life after they talked him off the edge of a bridge.

'No land to be found' as India's Kerala state faces worst flooding in a century

Nancy Prabhakar said neither she, her parents or even her grandparents have ever experienced flooding like what's happening in India's Kerala state right now.

After Corona's owner invests billions in Canadian weed, get ready for cannabis beer

Constellation Brands is taking a $5-billion bet on the potential market for cannabis-infused beer.

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, Aug. 17, 2018

Drummer remembers 'powerful and amazing' experience of playing with Aretha Franklin

Drummer Gayelynn McKinney is trying to accept that she'll never perform with Aretha Franklin again.

Someone planted tomatoes in this Toronto sinkhole — and residents are loving it

Toronto resident Bryan Link says he hopes the city doesn't rush to fix the massive pothole on his street — at least not until the tomatoes growing in it are ripe.

As it Happened: The Archive Edition - The Fake News Episode

In terms of common usage, "fake news" may be a relatively new term — propelled in large part by the current U.S. president. But it's hardly a new idea, as the stories featured in this episode illustrate.

Canada is phasing out pesticides linked to bee deaths — but the alternative may not be much better

​As Canada phases out nicotine-based pesticides, a new study has found that a popular alternative might also be dangerous for bees.

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018

Mary Pratt's friend remembers how the Canadian painter found beauty everywhere

The famous Canadian painter has died. She was 83.

Afternoon skies look 'like midnight' in B.C. as wildfires rage, says evacuee

Thousands of people are being evacuated from their homes as wildfires continue to blaze across British Columbia.

Winnipeg firm defends $1M deal to send sniper rifles to Ukraine

Asked if he's concerned that selling weapons to Ukraine would escalate the conflict there, the co-owner of a Canadian arms company said: "It may sound callous, but not particularly."

Why the organizers behind a U.K. tribute to refugees won't fix the latest act of vandalism

The director of the Liverpool art festival that's displaying the project explains why they're not going to repair the damage.

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2018

French theme park trains crows to pick up trash

The French theme park Puy du Fou has six new trash collectors, and they're birds. The hope is they'll teach the humans around them a lesson about littering.

Open-air urinals spark outrage in scenic Paris neighbourhood

A new set of eco-friendly, but completely exposed, urinals on the streets of Paris are provoking an uproar from locals.

Anne Cools — Canada's 1st black and longest-serving senator — bids the red chamber goodbye

When Anne Cools was appointed to Parliament's upper chamber, the designation "independent senator" wasn't one she could choose — but Canada's first black senator earned the title all the same.

As It Happens: Tuesday Edition

Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018

P.E.I. reporter tells alarmed readers paper had no obits because 'just ... nobody died'

Journal Pioneer reporter Colin MacLean took to Twitter in a now viral tweet to explain that there was no mistake, the paper just didn't have any obituaries to publish.

How a groundskeeper with cancer took on agricultural giant Monsanto — and won

Dewayne Lee Johnson's lawyer says his client can rest easy knowing his family will be provided for, thanks to his precedent-setting victory over Monsanto.

As It Happens: Monday Edition

Monday, Aug. 13, 2018

Fredericton father and son describe being trapped in their apartment as shooting unfolded

When Brett Gibbons was awoken by the sound of gunfire Friday morning, he said it was "like a hammer" next to his ear.

This photographer won a permit to hunt grizzly bears — but his only shot will be from a camera

As conflicts between grizzly bears and humans in Wyoming increase, the state is opening the largest bear hunt in U.S. history. Thomas Mangelsen wants to stop it.

Emmett Till's memorial sign riddled with bullet holes — for the 2nd time

The sign that marks where the 14-year-old black boy's body was found was repeatedly shot just 35 days after the last one was replaced.