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Here's a list of the 34,361 people who died trying to reach Europe since 1993

Since 1993, a group has worked to compile a list of of every refugee and migrant who died while trying to find a safer life Europe.

Nina Simone's childhood home designated a National Treasure

"It's thrilling and very gratifying, and speaks to the importance of Nina Simone and her music," says painter Adam Pendleton, who co-purchased the North Carolina property last year.

A radio reporter who lost his voice is back on the air — digitally

Veteran radio reporter Jamie Dupree is once again broadcasting to cities across the U.S. after losing his ability to speak in 2016. His new tool? A digital re-creation of his voice, created from decades of archived reports.

As It Happens: Wednesday Full Episode

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Melania Trump's immigration lawyer compares family separations to Nazi Germany

Immigration lawyer Michael Wildes says the Trump administration's hardlining at the U.S.-Mexico border shows 'extraordinarily poor judgement' and reflects badly on the country.

Watch as police drone finds British man trapped in marshland

Norfolk man Peter Pugh is being treated for hypothermia after disappearing on a walk through the Titchwell Marshes in the United Kingdom. Pugh was discovered up to his armpits in water on Sunday with help from a police drone.

Detroit's crumbling 'palace of transportation' is about to rise again

Ford Motor Co. set to revitalize Detroit's iconic transportation hub.

'Prince of odometers' pulls off this perfect number sequence in the family minivan

An ordinary North Carolina man has achieved an extraordinary feat: the ultimate odometer picture, captured through careful calculation and planning.

As It Happens: Tuesday Full Episode

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

'As a human being, I can't do that': Worker at migrant holding facility quits over family separations

A youth migrant shelter worker describes the encounter with a group of panicked, tearful Brazilian siblings that led him to quit his job in protest.

'He wasn't functioning': How a video game addiction turned one family upside down

A British mother who has gone to extraordinary lengths to curb her son's addiction to video games welcomes the World Health Organization's decision to officially recognize obsessive gaming as a mental health condition.

Vandals destroy ancient rock at UK tourist site

A large rock in U.K., that formed after the Ice Age, was knocked over a cliff earlier this month.

Iconic Glasgow School of Art building must be saved after second fire, says Scottish MP

For the second time in just four years, the Mackintosh building has been destroyed by fire.

As It Happens: Monday Full Episode

Monday, June 18, 2018

Gay refugee couple to be separated because Turkey doesn't recognize them as a family

Alireza and his partner are trying to make their way to Canada, but they could be separated for years before that happens.

A woman was trapped under a car in B.C. — until these bystanders helped lift it off her

After Claire Surgenor became pinned under a vehicle, a group of onlookers and RCMP officers worked together to lift the car and save her life.

Canadian who sent secret messages during 1979 Iran hostage crisis dies

Roger Lucy rememebers Mary O'Flaherty's work doing communications during the secret 1980 operation to smuggle six U.S. citizens out of Iran.

Banksy exhibit protester hangs his own art across the street

While people shell out $35 a pop to check out a Banksy exhibit in Toronto, George Warner is displaying his own art from a chainlink fence across the street.

As It Happens: Friday Edition

Friday, June 15, 2018

Torontonian says he was followed by driver who yelled, 'Looks like another dead cyclist'

Colin Powell says he's filed a police report after a motorist tailed him down a narrow alleyway making threatening remarks.

New book documents the rise and fall of Silicon Valley wunderkind Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes was heralded as the next Steve Jobs — and then she was revealed by the Wall Street Journal to have overseen one of the biggest corporate frauds since Enron.

Russian family released from Guatemala prison seeks asylum in Canada

A Russian family that's been released from Guatemala prison on charges they say were orchestrated by the Kremlin are asking the Canadian government for help.

Deadly monsoon rains kill young Rohingya boy at refugee camp in Bangladesh

Three Rohingya refugees, including a young boy, have been killed as rains batter camps in Bangladesh.

This new whisky is flavoured with beaver anal secretions

A new whisky being served up in New Hampshire is called Eau de Musc — and it's flavoured using the scent glands from a beaver's anal region.

As It Happens: Thursday Edition

Thursday, June 14, 2018