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  • WireTap What We Lose

    lost mitten

    Podcast host PJ Vogt discusses a website that reunites lost mittens with their owners. Plus, a GPS helps a driver navigate the realm of emotional loss, and Gregor insures Jon against the loss of his depression. More Apr 17, 2:59 PM ET


  • Ideas Disposable Youth

    Disposable Youth

    Youth in America are no longer seen as a social investment but a liability. A soft war ensures they are carpet-bombed with consumer culture. A hard war of zero tolerance in schools creates "punishment creep" in the courts. Drawing on his book, Disposable Youth, scholar Henry Giroux speaks at the Spur lecture in Toronto about how America is abandoning its youth. More Apr 17, 10:46 AM ET read comments



  • The Current Rubin report on Ghomeshi sparks debate on if it can fix the CBC

    CBC president 20071105

    CBC president, Hubert Lacroix is troubled and disappointed by the findings in a report looking into the workplace behaviour of former host Jian Ghomeshi, and how management mishandled that behaviour. The report has recommendations of how to make your public broadcaster a better place to work but can it fix the CBC? More Apr 17, 1:37 PM ET

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