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  • The 180 Concussions for regular people: yours vs. Sidney Crosby's

    Concussion cartoon

    When you're an average Canadian with a concussion, your experience can feel quite different from what you read about those of pro athletes. 180 producer Kathryn Marlow knows this personally, and set out to determine the relationship between concussions in sport and concussions in daily life. More Oct 21, 7:18 PM ET read comments video


  • The Sunday Edition Trump supporters experience a "secular rapture," says sociologist Arlie Hochschild

    Arlie Hochschild - "Strangers in Their Own Land"

    Hochschild ventured into the deep red state of Louisiana, one of the poorest in America, to try to understand why so many people intend to vote against their own best interests. She says Donald Trump offers a kind of salvation, promising to "raise people up" to join him among the 1% of America's wealthiest. Her latest book is called "Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right". More Oct 21, 4:55 PM ET read comments


  • The 180 Oh Canada, mind your own business


    A Canadian marketing firm decided that in the midst of a contentious election season, Americans could use a little pep talk. They created a video called Tell America it's Great! But Ashley Feinberg says we Canadians should mind our own business and kindly $*&" off. More Oct 21, 6:24 PM ET read comments

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