December 2013

Holiday Question Show

Time for our ever-popular Holiday Question Show, where we answer listeners' questions, including: Why do only some planets have rings? What do male mosquitos eat?...


Holiday Book Show

In our Holiday Book Show, we've got several ideas for popular science books you might pick up, using your new gift cards. First, Harvard...


Curiosity Rover Jumps in a Lake * Did Life Travel From Earth to Mars? * Peregrine Chicks Drown in the Rain * Beaks Helped Dinosaurs Eat Plants * Chameleons Use Colour To Send A Message * Marine Worms and Micro-Plastics

The Mars rover Curiosity revealed this week that if it had landed 3.6 billion years ago, it would have been Mars' first submarine. The...


World's Oldest Wine Cellar * The Mystery of Making the Moon * Scientists Undermine Bird Self-Esteem * How a Sauropod Steps * Less Salmon, More Stress for Grizzlies * Fatal Attraction for Praying Mantis

If you are an oenophile, you know the importance of proper storage of your vintages. And today, we find out just how long that tradition...


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