April 2013

Paleofantasy * Why Vermin Can't Vomit * Squirrel Stress Makes Big Babies * Better Bacterial Biofuels * Big Stars make Long Gamma-Ray Bursts

How did our ancestors live and can we learn lessons from them on how we should live today?  Well, a guest on today's program says...


Parasitic Worm Inspires Better Skin Graft * Penis-like Organ Helps Bowheads Keep Cool * Beothuk Beliefs Inspired by Birds * Lake Erie Algae Bloom * Time Reborn

Does the universe have too much time or not enough? Or does it have any at all?  That's the question we examine this week as...


Dinosaurs Great at Growing * Dinosaurs do the Duck Paddle * Monarch Butterflies Navigate Without Map * Shark Tooth Weapons Reveal Lost Species * Humans Caused Bird Extinctions in Pacific Islands * Electric Engines for Aircraft

This week, we have two exciting dinosaur discoveries involving Canadian researchers, one looking at  how dinosaurs grew, and the other an insight into  how...


Big Dogs Die Young * The Firestorm that Killed the Dinosaurs * Giraffes Challenged by Distant Feet * Rocky Mountains Imported from Overseas * Brain Machine Interfaces

This week, we speak to a pioneer in a technology that once seemed a science fiction dream: controlling machines with the mind.  Dr Miguel Nicolelis...


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