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March 26 2007

Early results put Liberals ahead in Quebec race
The Parti Québécois and Jean Charest's Liberals jostled for seats shortly after polls closed in the Quebec election Monday.
2007/03/26 08:35:25 PM
Behind the ballot: ridings to watch
This Quebec election campaign has shaped up to be one of the closest races in recent provincial history, with no party claiming a significant lead after the polls opened Monday.
2007/03/26 05:48:50 PM
Boisclair holds his riding
Parti Québécois Leader André Boisclair has been re-elected in his Montreal-area riding of Pointe-aux-Trembles.
2007/03/26 09:31:30 PM
ADQ grabs 2 seats in Eastern Townships
The Action Démocratique du Québec grabbed two seats, Shefford and Johnson, in the Eastern Townships on Monday night.
2007/03/26 10:36:33 PM
Greater Montreal sees surprise gains for ADQ
In Greater Montreal, an area typically evenly divided between the Liberals and the Parti Québécois, the Action Démocratique du Québec unexpectedly surged beyond both in 13 ridings, winning them for the first time.
2007/03/26 08:57:08 PM
Liberals lose 3 Saguenay seats
The Action Démocratique du Québec and Parti Québécois together picked up three former Liberal seats in the Lac-Saint-Jean-Saguenay region in Monday's provincial election.
2007/03/27 12:34:32 AM
ADQ shines in Quebec City
If Action Démocratique du Québec Leader Mario Dumont was the star in this provincial election campaign, his stage was the greater Quebec City region, where he found fertile ground for his right-wing policies.
2007/03/26 09:46:50 PM
Liberal Premier Charest holds on to Sherbrooke seat
Liberal Leader Jean Charest managed to hold on to his seat in the Eastern Townships' Sherbrooke riding after a difficult provincial election campaign.
2007/03/26 10:39:10 PM
ADQ leader Dumont re-elected
It came as no surprise — Action Démocratique du Québec leader Mario Dumont won his eastern Quebec seat for the fourth straight time.
2007/03/26 08:57:08 PM
Liberals take Outaouais again
The Liberals again took the five ridings in federalist western Quebec that make up the Outaouais.
2007/03/26 09:15:40 PM
ADQ becomes Quebec's Official Opposition
The Action Démocratique du Québec captured 41 seats in Quebec's national assembly, and with them the title of Official Opposition.
2007/03/26 08:51:35 PM
Charest keeps seat as Liberals cling to power in Quebec
Quebecers are waking up to a minority Liberal government — the first minority in the province in 130 years — and a new official Opposition.
2007/03/26 09:02:10 PM
PQ humbled, finishes 3rd
Parti Québécois Leader André Boisclair told supporters it was their duty to keep the sovereigntist dream alive, even as the party suffered a disastrous loss of its Opposition status to the Action démocratique du Québéc in Monday's election.
2007/03/26 10:28:00 PM

March 25 2007

PQ victory will divide Quebec again, Charest warns
The choice facing Quebecers in Monday's provincial election is a stark and familiar one, according to Premier Jean Charest: unity or the division of another referendum.
2007/03/25 07:09:50 PM
Minority government looms in Quebec
Quebec faces the real possibility of a minority government for the first time in more than a century, as the province's main political parties remain locked in a virtual tie as voters head to the polls on Monday.
2007/03/25 06:37:25 PM
Polls closed, counting underway in Quebec election
Polls have closed in the Quebec election, and the counting begins in what could be the closest race in the province in more than a century.
2007/03/26 06:21:50 AM
4 ministers ousted in Quebec race
Four cabinet ministers fell as Quebec elected its first minority government since 1878.
2007/03/26 07:59:50 PM

March 23 2007

Muslim women will have to lift veils to vote in Quebec election
Muslim women will have to remove their face coverings if they want to vote in Monday's Quebec election, said the province's chief returning officer.
2007/03/23 06:15:27 PM
Quebec leaders jockey for support as campaign nears end
André Boisclair is taking credit for the federal government's about-face on the outcome of Quebec's election Monday.
2007/03/23 11:54:09 AM

March 22 2007

Liberal warns public services would suffer under ADQ
Quebec Liberal candidate Philippe Couillard is warning voters an ADQ government would slash core public services to finance its policies.
2007/03/22 10:05:50 AM
Liberals fend off ADQ, play up tax cuts
Jean Charest looped through Liberal-friendly ridings in south and central Quebec Thursday as the party continues to try to offset the ADQ's growing popularity in the regions.
2007/03/22 02:16:13 PM
Ottawa is blackmailing Quebec over open federalism: PQ
Parti Québécois Leader André Boisclair is accusing the Conservative government of blackmailing Quebec by interfering in the provincial election campaign.
2007/03/22 08:59:35 AM
Muslim women wearing niqabs should be identified to vote: Charest
Liberal Premier Jean Charest wants Quebec's chief returning officer to reverse a decision that allows Muslim women to have their faces covered when they vote in Monday's provincial election.
2007/03/22 07:46:01 PM
PQ will give Montreal new powers: Boisclair
Parti Québécois Leader André Boisclair said he's prepared to offer new powers to the city of Montreal if he forms the next provincial government.
2007/03/22 07:48:38 PM
Crowded ERs worse this year: Couillard
Quebec Liberal candidate and Health Minister Philippe Couillard says throwing more money at hospitals won't solve acute overcrowding reported in recent months.
2007/03/22 07:49:43 PM
ADQ candidate apologizes for anti-Semitic remarks
An ADQ candidate in Abitibi-East, Que., is trying to stamp out sparks that erupted after he posted online comments with anti-Semitic connotations.
2007/03/22 10:36:02 AM

March 21 2007

ADQ platform costs a fantasy: opponents
Both the Parti Québécois and the Liberals are slamming the ADQ's platform spending estimates as irresponsible and full of fantasy, as polls suggest Mario Dumont's popularity is on the rise.
2007/03/21 09:38:01 AM
Jacques Parizeau says extra federal money for Quebec means little
Former premier Jacques Parizeau said Tuesday extra money for Quebec contained in the federal budget doesn't really mean very much.
2007/03/21 11:47:55 AM

March 20 2007

Quebec must do more to protect park land, Greens say
The Quebec Green Party is accusing the province of neglecting green spaces, saying Montreal is one of the worst Canadian cities when it comes to protecting park land.
2007/03/20 11:28:03 AM
Budget underwhelms Quebec students, environmentalists
While Quebec Liberals hail Monday's federal budget as a boon for the province, environment and student groups say Ottawa's offerings are wanting.
2007/03/20 10:04:57 AM
ADQ reveals details of platform spending
Action Democratique du Quebec Leader Mario Dumont has finally unveiled the total cost of his electoral platform and spending details he outlined on Tuesday.
2007/03/20 07:24:12 PM
Charest promises $700M in tax cuts with federal money
Liberal Leader Jean Charest is promising to share new money promised to Quebec in the federal budget by granting income tax cuts.
2007/03/20 06:43:48 PM

March 19 2007

Budget will resonate in Quebec election campaign
The federal budget is expected to have a big impact in the last stretch of Quebec's provincial election campaign.
2007/03/19 10:10:40 AM
Québec Solidaire attracting sovereigntists, leader says
Québec Solidaire Leader Françoise David has denied asking the Green party to back away from two Montreal ridings in order to shore up support for her own.
2007/03/19 04:27:01 PM

March 16 2007

PQ insider slams Boisclair for 'slanting eyes' comment
May Chiu, who was the first Chinese-Canadian candidate to run for the Bloc Québécois, has slammed PQ Leader André Boisclair for using a French expression that means "slanting eyes" to describe Asian students.
2007/03/16 01:55:16 PM
ADQ won't form coalition if election serves up minority
ADQ Leader Mario Dumont said he's not ready to team up with any of Quebec's political parties if the March 26 election produces a minority government.
2007/03/16 05:12:20 PM

March 15 2007

Boisclair defends 'slanting eyes' comments
Parti Québécois leader André Boisclair refused to apologize Thursday for describing Asian students as having "slanting eyes."
2007/03/15 06:30:05 PM
Charest gets an earful from plant worker
Quebec Liberal Leader Jean Charest was confronted by an angry factory worker who swore at him Thursday for not cutting enough taxes.
2007/03/15 07:10:08 PM

March 14 2007

Després won't resign despite Dumont's urging
Quebec Transport Minister Michel Després is refusing to quit after he was accused of neglecting a decayed Laval overpass that collapsed last fall, killing five people.
2007/03/14 12:03:06 PM

March 13 2007

Quebec health minister defends Paradis
Quebec Health Minister Phillip Couillard is standing by prominent provincial Liberal candidate Pierre Paradis after Paradis said the government is exaggerating its improvements to the health care system.
2007/03/13 03:53:16 PM
Quebec leaders gear up for debate in French
The leaders of Quebec's main political parties will fight to stand out among their rivals Tuesday night during a televised debate in French that is being billed as a possible turning point in the tight three-way race.
2007/03/13 07:36:55 AM
Dumont under attack in Que. leaders' debate
Sparks flew as Quebec's three leaders squared off Tuesday night in a nationally televised debate highlighting sovereignty, health-care and economic issues during the campaign for the March 26 election.
2007/03/13 09:18:18 PM

March 12 2007

2nd ADQ candidate steps down for 'unacceptable' comments
ADQ leader Mario Dumont has dropped a second candidate from his election team for uttering what he calls "unacceptable" remarks.
2007/03/12 03:31:55 PM
Greens want tolls for tramway
The Green party is proposing tolls on bridges into Montreal to beef up the province's transport coffers.
2007/03/12 05:36:07 PM
Paradis questions Liberals' health care agenda
A prominent Quebec Liberal candidate is questioning leader Jean Charest's claims about what his government did to improve the province's health care system.
2007/03/12 12:04:59 PM
It's not so hard to be green: coalition
A coalition of Quebec environment groups wants campaigning politicians to put some muscle into their green policies.
2007/03/13 08:10:55 AM

March 9 2007

Charest cautions the West Island about ADQ
Jean Charest reached out to voters in the Liberal-friendly West Island Thursday night where he told supporters he was the best man to defend Quebec's anglophone institutions.
2007/03/09 10:12:27 AM

March 8 2007

Liberals attacked over development in Mount Orford park
Quebec's environment minister was beseiged during a debate on the environment in Montreal, especially over Liberal plans to sell part of Mount Orford provincial park to developers.
2007/03/08 11:39:58 AM
Rwandan group attacks PQ over candidate who questions genocide
A Montreal-based Rwandan group is denouncing a Parti Québécois candidate who wrote a book questioning the extent of the 1994 massacre in Rwanda.
2007/03/08 09:37:05 AM
Controversial ADQ candidate resigns
Action Democratique du Quebec Leader Mario Dumont says a controversial candidate who made light of violence against women is resigning.
2007/03/08 01:52:34 PM
Quebec election debate set for March 13
ADQ Leader Mario Dumont will speak first in the opening round of the province's televised campaign debate on March 13.
2007/03/08 05:32:24 PM
140,000 voters still need to register before March 13 deadline
About 140,000 Quebec residents still need to register or update their information by the March 13 deadline if they plan to vote in the provincial election, an electoral official warns.
2007/03/08 06:09:10 PM

March 7 2007

Saguenay shock jock yanked from airwaves
A Saguenay radio host who created a firestorm by suggesting local factory workers would never vote for a gay candidate has been pulled from the airwaves.
2007/03/07 10:43:46 AM
Quebec should boost green technologies: Dumont
Quebec should do more to foster home-grown green technologies to fight climate change, ADQ Leader Mario Dumont says.
2007/03/07 06:22:34 PM
Partition splits Quebec leaders
Quebec cannot be carved up, even if sovereigntists eventually win a referendum, Liberal Leader Jean Charest says.
2007/03/07 09:58:07 AM

March 6 2007

Québec Solidaire wants to fight homophobia
Québec Solidaire is proposing a provincial plan to fight homophobia, a form of prejudice the party says should be a top priority for the next government.
2007/03/06 01:08:59 PM
Charest attacks ADQ and parries too
On his first campaign visit to the Outaouais, Liberal Leader Jean Charest defended comments about health care made by one of his own candidates and repeatedly attacked the Action Démocratique du Québec.
2007/03/06 02:19:35 PM

March 5 2007

Charest sees eventual end to forestry crisis
Liberal Leader Jean Charest said he's optimistic the province's forestry sector will regain its footing with the province's help.
2007/03/05 04:59:55 PM
Dumont on the hot seat
The leader of Action démocratique du Québec has been putting pressure on Quebec's traditional powerhouse parties, but now his political opponents and journalists are returning the favour.
2007/03/05 05:14:23 PM

March 4 2007

Dumont a 'merchant' of federalist dreams: Boisclair
Mario Dumont is a "merchant of dreams" selling the ADQ illusion of Quebec autonomy within Canada while Jean Charest, the Liberal premier, doesn't even try to get more power for the Quebec, PQ Leader André Boisclair says.
2007/03/04 05:52:17 PM

March 2 2007

PQ to blame for crowded ERs: Charest
Liberal Leader Jean Charest appealed to Quebec voters Thursday to give his government another mandate so it can tackle overcrowding in hospital emergency rooms.
2007/03/02 10:55:50 AM
Homophobia 'unacceptable' in election campaign: Charest
Liberal Leader Jean Charest condemned homophobic remarks made at PQ Leader André Boisclair's expense, and called on everyone involved in the election to avoid attacks on candidates' personal lives.
2007/03/02 02:56:32 PM

March 1 2007

Quebec campaign TV ads come in two flavours
The Quebec Liberals and the Parti Québécois launched their French-language television ads Thursday that reveal radically different strategies for the warring parties.
2007/03/01 09:41:24 AM
Boisclair responds to homophobic slurs
Parti Québécois Leader André Boisclair was forced to address his homosexuality for the first time in the provincial election campaign on Thursday.
2007/03/01 01:51:52 PM

February 28 2007

Boisclair sweet-talks Saguenay
Parti Québécois Leader André Boisclair attended his largest campaign rally Tuesday night in the Saguenay region, a sovereigntist stronghold he hopes to count on at the ballot box in March.
2007/02/28 08:33:31 AM
No final cost yet for ADQ platform
The leader of the Action Démocratique du Québec says there's nothing wrong with him waiting to put a price tag on his electoral platform.
2007/02/28 09:27:54 AM
Dumont takes ADQ gains with a grain of salt
Mario Dumont is rising in polls and gaining praise for a sharp opening to the Quebec election campaign but success brings only a tight, nervous smile to the ADQ leader's face.
2007/02/28 07:28:29 PM

February 27 2007

Dumont accuses PQ, Liberals of referendum fixation
Old arguments over Quebec independence have mesmerized the two big fish in the provincial election campaign, says Mario Dumont, whose unexpected popularity is putting pressure on the two front-runners.
2007/02/27 06:56:48 PM

February 26 2007

ADQ wants to scrap school boards
ADQ leader Mario Dumont said if elected premier he'd abolish school boards and reinvest the savings to streamline and improve Quebec's education system.
2007/02/26 02:12:50 PM
Charest, Boisclair clash over transfer payments
Liberal Leader Jean Charest insisted Monday that a PQ election win could eventually affect Quebec's transfer payments from Ottawa.
2007/02/26 07:00:03 PM
Quebec Solidaire wants in on leaders' debate
Quebec's Chief Electoral Officer Marcel Blanchet said he won't force media outlets in the province to include smaller political parties in the upcoming leaders' debate.
2007/02/26 07:56:34 PM
Boisclair talks hydro, aluminum in North Shore visit
PQ leader André Boisclair toured Quebec's North Shore Monday, promising to invest in the region's hydro and aluminum industries.
2007/02/26 06:25:59 PM

February 24 2007

PQ leader defends absence of 'referendum' in party platform
Parti Québécois Leader André Boisclair promises that if his party wins the election, it will hold a "public consultation" on Quebec sovereignty during its first mandate.
2007/02/24 04:11:53 PM
Option Canada report looms over Charest campaign
Quebec Liberal Leader Jean Charest is facing more pressure to answer questions about a secret fund used by federalists during the 1995 referendum campaign.
2007/02/24 07:53:03 PM
Bloc Pot launches 'reeferendum'
Quebec's pro-weed political party the Bloc Pot kicked off its provincial election campaign with a call for a "reeferendum" on marijuana use.
2007/02/24 08:37:33 PM
Liberals support Quebec farmers: Charest
Liberal Leader Jean Charest promised to support farmers and promote their products on Saturday, while backing away from an earlier party pledge to introduce mandatory labelling for genetically modified organisms.
2007/02/24 08:05:07 PM

February 23 2007

Quebec leaders spar over superbug deaths
André Boisclair should be ashamed of himself for suggesting the Quebec Liberals were careless in dealing with C. difficile outbreaks in provincial hospitals, Jean Charest said Thursday night.
2007/02/23 11:41:38 AM
Activist grabbed by Chrétien runs for office
The activist once grabbed by the neck and wrestled to the ground in 1996 by then-prime minister Jean Chrétien is running for office in the Quebec election.
2007/02/23 03:52:18 PM
Mont Orford, referendum on the PQ's campaign trail
PQ Leader André Boisclair weighed in on the Mont Orford debate Friday, promising to give the contested provincial park back to Quebecers if he's elected premier.
2007/02/23 07:45:06 PM
Charest announces $20M for Kruger in Trois-Rivières
Premier Jean Charest reached out to Quebec's forestry sector Thursday, announcing a $20 million in funding and a low-interest loan for paper giant Kruger to help save its mill in Trois-Rivières.
2007/02/23 06:05:16 PM
Family first for ADQ
ADQ Leader Mario Dumont focused on families Friday, accusing the Liberal government of hurting middle-class households with their financial policies.
2007/02/23 08:03:25 PM

February 22 2007

They're off: Quebec leaders hit campaign trail
Quebec party leaders fanned across the province Wednesday night, holding inaugural rallies to officially launch their electoral campaigns.
2007/02/22 09:54:22 AM
Think about environment, Gore urges Quebec voters
Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore has waded into Quebec politics, urging voters to think about the environment when they cast their ballot.
2007/02/22 02:37:54 PM
Health care dominates as Quebec campaign kicks off
Health care dominated the debate as Quebec's election campaign began Thursday, including PQ Leader André Boisclair's accusation of Liberal negligence in a deadly C. difficile outbreak.
2007/02/22 08:03:12 PM
Activists challenge Liberals in the Outaouais
A construction contractor who challenged Quebec's labour laws and a federal public servant fired for heading a sovereigntist group will both try to dethrone the Liberals in one of their Outaouais strongholds in the March 26 Quebec election.
2007/02/22 01:23:34 PM

February 21 2007

Quebec election set for March 26
Premier Jean Charest has called a provincial election, sending Quebecers to the polls on March 26.
2007/02/21 07:18:27 AM
Health care, sovereignty big issues in Quebec election
Jean Charest launched the Quebec election campaign Wednesday by warning the vote on March 26 will be a choice between unity and separation.
2007/02/21 04:41:11 PM

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