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Sports: January 2014 Archives

Celebrating the art of curling

johnmonroe.jpgDoes curling get its due as a winter sport here in Quebec? John Monroe, curling statistician for Sochi Olympics, keen curler, weighs in.
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Sébastien Sasseville trying to Outrun Diabetes

GenevieveSassevillecredit.jpgSébastien Sasseville likes a challenge. He's climbed Mount Everest, run 250-kilometers across the Sahara Desert in 7 days. He's completed the Ironman 6 times. So setting out to run across Canada in the middle of the winter actually almost makes sense.Sébastien Sasseville leaves February 2nd to do just that. 

Like all his other challenges, this one is designed to raise awareness around diabetes, a condition that hasn't exactly limited him in his life. He joined Susan in studio.

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Anthony Calvillo retires

calvillo.jpgQuarterback Anthony Calvillo, who helped turn Montreal back into a football town, announced yesterday he's retiring. But he won't be straying too far from the Alouettes. He tells our Susan Campbell more.
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